Sunday , May 29 2022

"Panis?" Will II II striker will be football


In order to achieve his goals, Spanish has played the top 10 players in the history of the Tilburg Club and has run to the left, and then his opponent is now 35. "Two and a half years ago, the visit to Villa II was very good. "Said the forward Fox Sports. "I had a good time here and I hope to be on top of the score."

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NSC introduced the ship against Willem II

After 15 minutes, Fernando Lewis was hit by an angle and one hour later Daniel Crawley had a corner kick. "I did not win three games, but I did not worry about it," he laughs. "I've dried for a long time, but three games can not be a cause of panic for Willem II." The Spanish scorer celebrated his first goal with the entire backbone bank of the tie-breakers.

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The attacker says, "I did it because we're all doing one another, all of them are part-time, and even fewer." "It was an important victory, and it was very bad for us," concluded Luel, who won the first victory with Villa II from the end of August.

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