Thursday , August 18 2022

Paulo de Leuv showed how difficult it was to suffer


Peter van der Vord, Paul's chief executive, says he always loves good food. "I think I was born, and it lasted for a long time," says Joker, who smiles in the middle of the fish store to make a big deal.

Paul acknowledges loyalty and self-importance. "My dad was more than a mother. Just once proud. I never had to eat like sausage, and I had to eat it all the time. " And still a bit on the skin, it's a big ice cream beer. "During the depression, fingers enter mayonnaise, so let's put it."

Although he was conscious of life, his scale was not kind to him. In the worst case, the speaker measured 118 kilograms. It was filmpje !, her heroes Annie and Bob De Ridge.

"Then I was very fat, and as Bob de Rooij, I shot the vertebra of my breast." It does not come to Prime Minister's premiere, it's a button. Even though he is still a real yo-yo, he says, "Next month, now, eight kilos."

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