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Public expenditures are largely dependent on the growth of service provision


Since 1998, public spending has increased by 3% annually. This sector covers all government and partly governmental organizations. The growth was largely due to the increase in education and healthcare services.

Expenditures on the market or in the commerce sector increased by 1.3 percent annually, and services rose on the same basis.

The Bureau of Socio-Cultural Planning reports from the 1998 Public Report, covering the cost of public service expenditure for the period from 1998 to 2015.

Public expenditure on public services increased to 74 billion US dollars in 1998. Estimated Euro. In 2015, this figure has risen to 123 billion. The PPP notes, for example, that it does not apply to social security payments.

The cost of treatment and long-term care has largely gone up

There is a big difference between the sectors of the public sector. Costs for treatment and therapeutic treatment have increased by 32 percent, with a 27 percent increase in long-term care. This is partly due to the population aging. Security and justice (9 percent), social security (2 percent) and other sectors (7 percent) constitute a significant proportion of costs.

In 2015, state-funded public expenditure was funded by the state. Citizens account for 7% of personal payments, and 33% of the total amount, mostly in accordance with the collective scheme, for example, the Law on Medical Insurance.

According to the CPC, the growth of staff costs is the main reason for the growth of public expenditures. They receive two-thirds of the total costs.

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