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Reducing small amounts of carbohydrates will greatly enhance your metabolism


Have you lost weight, want to stay in the new weight? A new study has shown that some people can produce about four hundred calories a day if they start feeding carbohydrates and foods up to four hundred calories a day. The American study was recently published BMJ.

Researchers have seen this incredible effect on people with an overweight (BMI 25 above), a diet that has been recently restricted to calories. People were divided into three groups to see what they needed to maintain their healthy weight. For twenty weeks, they fed normal portions, calories and proteins in the same amount, but with different amounts of carbohydrates and fats. A small number of carbohydrates is available to humans, fats and vice versa. Carbohydrates were of high quality, many grains and less sugar.

The higher the carbohydrates, the higher the metabolism

For the past twenty weeks, all 164 participants remained in that weight and that was their intention. However, researchers have discovered one significant difference: the less carbohydrates eat (and more fat), the higher their energy metabolism! For example, low carbohydrate groups burn 250 calories a day, doing nothing except eating more nutritious or fatty fish rather than dropping bread and macaroni.

The smallest amount of food is nine pounds without calories

If this result continues, researchers will calculate and lose nine kilograms in three years. And that's just because the metabolism of people has been so great that they used more than four hundred calories a day (they tasted a lot of carbohydrates before losing their weight, which could explain the bigger effect). Researchers also found that people in the carbohydrates group had fewer gray matter than hunger in their body, so they were less appetizing.

Vegetable oils

In short, according to researchers, one calorie is not the same and helps keep light weight in case of loss of a small amount of hydrocarbons. Replace your sandwich or pasta with nuts, avocados and beans as possible with vegetable oils and proteins. They contain not less saturated fats (except coconut butter), for example, cheese and meat, so they are healthy. In previous studies, low-carbon diet shortens your life.

The healthcare council says that those with a healthy diet need to reach forty-seventy percent of the energy needed by carbohydrates. American researchers have received about 20% of carbohydrates in forty or sixty percent of carbohydrates.

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