Wednesday , October 5 2022

Spanish media: "Red Bull approached Alonso to 2020"


Last week, Red Bull Racing has appointed Pierre Gazli as successor to Alexander Albon, but they have other plans next season. Spanish Mundo Deportivo Red Bull knows that Fernando Alonso had offered to go along with Max Verstaap in 2020.

When it was known that Gallley could not get the desired result for the team, Red Bull Racing began looking for success behind the scenes. The names of Daniil Kwiat and Nicko Hulkenberg, alongside others, were seen, but finally Alonso called Milton Keynes. Correspondingly Mundo Deportivo The interest in the two-time world champion became clear when contacted by the Red Bullon Alonso in the UK.

Red Bull offers Gasli to the driver no later than 2020. The Austrian form was zero at the request of Alonso. Spain does not want to return to Formula 1 and does not want to go to the unknown team to fight for the title shortly. He likes to draw attention to other competitions where he can win and extend the prize cabinet. So Red Bull was forced to look for alternatives and once again found his wife in the pond: Alexander Albon.

Returning to Formula 1 seems to be impossible for Alonso, but it is still unclear what to do. At any rate, he does not need to call you. "I clearly understand what I'm doing, I keep my door open and do not expect someone to call me. I'm not looking for that either. Where and when did I always choose to do something because I'm moving forward, the basis of what makes me happy, "Alonso wrote in a Spanish newspaper.

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