Saturday , January 28 2023

Students try to use a beer pitcher bridge


Creating a 28-meter beer bridge, that is, a forty month student of engineering-civil engineering at the University of Twente (UT). Starting from this week on Saturday, he founded the university to create a new record.

On Saturday afternoon, during the course of the construction, a bridge will be taken, which will support the bridge. If the beer bridge can be safely stored for more than one hour, the record will be successful.

New activity

This record was made eight years ago by the University of Twente, but it was unsuccessful. "Every year, the ConcepT Association of Research has a new study of research and community commitment. Enschede was last acted in 2010, and he was unsuccessful at that moment. So we thought it was best to fight again, "said Celt Garritz, Chairman of the Crattenbrug Committee (20) last week.

The current record is in the hands of Eindhoven Technological University, which has reached construction of a bridge bridge of 26.69 meters in 2016. In recent years, bridge construction has largely been a battle between Eindhoven Technological University and Tu Delft.

Photo: Reinier van Willigen

7576 Grolsch case

7576 jugs were used in the popular brewery of the Holstein, Enstedin for construction. It is also about empty vats and jugs filled with water. No, we did not drink it ourselves. Everyone asks this question. Grolsch is glad to cooperate on this issue. It's part of a prestigious battle for the Tweens region, and Grenstein is part of it, "said Harrisen.

Not only the Guinness Book of Records, but also the record of relations with the Dutch University.

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