Saturday , October 16 2021

Switzerland suffered defeat against Qatar

The Swiss national team played a draw with Qatar on Wednesday. Lugano lost 0-1 to Asia.

Switzerland is the eighth in the modern world and Qatar has 88th in the FIFA rating.

Akram Afif, who signed a deal with Villarreal, however, was given the only goal of the game at the last stage if he was given a loan from Qatar from Al Sad. The game was headed by Kevin Blom.

Switzerland did not start the match with the strongest. For example, Liverpool striker Herdan Shakiri was on the bench. It is still falling in the second half.

Switzerland plays in the League of Nations in Belgium for four days. After three matches national team coach Vladimir Petkovic comes with 6 points. Belgium has few points but less played.

Four years the Qatar will host the World Cup. This tournament has been completed for the first time in history by the exposition of the Arab temperature.

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