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The buyer of the house plays in the safe: one quarter is interested in 30 years Money

For a period of thirty years, the NHG mortgage with a fixed interest rate is approximately ten years' fixed interest rate. In the fourth quarter, we chose a 30% annual interest rate on NHG mortgage loans and 23% mortgages at a ten-year rate.

This threatens avalanche on mortgage: the decade-long speed period has been known to be the most popular and is now afraid that it will fall into third place. The current twenty-year twentieth-year period is most popular: 43% of home buyers with NHG mortgages have chosen this average.

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According to the hypothecism, the people of the twentieth and 50s love the idea of ​​getting the same mortgage for thirty years. For the last group, a long-term period represents financial security after retirement. For the majority of the people, the last time they make a mortgage agreement, not taking into account future retirement benefits.

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In the twentieth century, people who want to solve their own interests look for a "spacious hour" of their life, a model for their children, and a model of anticipated expenditure that they want to achieve. In ten or twenty years, they do not face the sharp increase in mortgage interest rates.

Although 30 years have been trying to find out about mortgages, interest rates are relatively small compared to short-term interest rates, and financial advisors are warning the hinges and sources of long-term commitments.

As a home buyer, you are on the same terms for thirty years. If you move your home, the warranty may not always be included – with all financial implications. The Consumer Association recommends adjusting the interest rate for ten years and saves you extra money.

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