Wednesday , October 5 2022

The guest of St. Nicholas Michael Wang Zeil rose again


It confirms several sources for De Telegraph. According to police, a 37-year-old man in Utrecht was arrested for intimidation of the sacred saint in a social network.

Van Zaidl's Multi-Party Perspective consisting of Da Graeu Eveu and Gene 4 Michael IJ members at a previous meeting included a series of NTFs, including Zanstatt, the state of Holland, and state-run television. During the session he denied the other two members of the fund. It is considered disrespectful.

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"National threats"

Van Zeid has recently made several statements about social networking that he has suggested to attack the syndication. He is the American president, John F. At the scene where Kennedy was killed, he placed a picture of a car. He also showed his hat with the inscription "Sniper Circus Sniper", which means the last word is a "sharp shine."

In the morning, a Twitter account with Van Zejl was hit harder. The leftist radicalist visited the session "Evacuation of Zwarte Piet". During the session, he was wearing a "Goodnight Zwarte Piet" dress.

Last year, Michael Wang Zeil, a former member of De Grauwe Eeuw, was arrested for threatening to kill Synterclaas: "All children were beaten under blows and even during the national raids where all the children could witness.

He was detained in custody, so he fallen into the hands of a good person and received a fine of 300 euros from the judge.

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Uncertainty about the imposition of sint

Anti-Piet activists can not access the Zanstatt

Four activists against Zwarte Piet may not be closer to Zanis Schans on Fridays and Saturdays, when Sintterlaas's national visit would take place. They took this measure from the municipality of Zanastad in the afternoon on Tuesday, when Van Seijl was arrested.

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