Saturday , December 4 2021

The Hague is the festive police of Amsterdam inner syndrome


The upcoming Sintorkaas celebration has raised questions about the "Zwarte Piet" to police asking questions about the internal holidays. The corps, police, and police chiefs have long debated domestic holidays. Here is a summary of the Sindortslas' internal celebration for everybody and everywhere, so the police and the leadership of the police know.

The syndrome was celebrated for ten days in the police. Beautiful tradition, almost all attend. Every year this holiday is celebrated by our colleagues. This is another event this year. And it will remain.
For a long time, each unit is looking for an explanation of the Sindterlas lunches, where each partner feels comfortable. First of all, we are police and everyone. We have eyes and ears for our colleagues who feel as if we are having a cold in Szczeclaas's home. The synterclaas holiday is a binding party, but some words in this party harm people. In these tragic events, we will consider how we can handle it. As partners we can expect each other.
The movement of the internal holidays is different. It is agreed that each unit forms in its own form. Each unit passes through the pace of society in that region. This means that the pace can vary by unit. In some divisions, such as Amsterdam, two years ago, Zwart Pit showed that it was no longer suitable for Sintorkaas' internal holidays.
In the middle of society
We are in the center of society and often feel that it is one of the first to have social discussions. We know how sensitive this discussion is, and we want to do it with respect and understanding. For this reason, the police and police chiefs called for a dialogue with their colleagues last year and encouraged all people to look for the inner holiday of Synterlaka.
This is a gradual development taking into account the above mentioned local context and the original position. It takes time to ensure the smooth running of the interview, and the period up to 2020 is accepted. Then Zwarte Piet can not be interpreted as interactive features, for example, a black currant bush, a red lip, a hat, and even a dark-colored face of Sintterlaas.
Respect and mutual understanding
Police and police chiefs are aware of potential violence. Nevertheless, they hope that this discussion can be conducted with respect and understanding. Each Party in this discussion has dignified interests. And, of course, discussions should not be on the expense of children, parties or each other. We want to make everyone interested.

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