Friday , May 20 2022

"There are now three assistants from Harry and Megan." Entertainment


This affirms the tsarist's reporter Daily mailThere is a news story about the Kensington Palace interior. It seems that in May, it was a real blow to the couple. "Why does he want to leave this authoritative position faster?"

The only known name is the latest help Melissa, has been abolished and will soon become a personal secretary Samantha Cohen as well as departure. The Australian (49) is a reliable assistant for porosity over the past 17 years and is called "a major commitment to serving the monarchy." She also received an honorary assignment of the queen Elizabeth om Megan As a member of the Royal House, prepare for life.

So he was at the Prince's wedding Harry and Maggen, who ensured that the prince was good on the gardener during the crucial view of the last days of the kingdom Charles Buckingham Palace. Earlier, the faithful servant worked for Elizabeth's queen. Soon he was nicknamed the nickname Panther its characteristic character.

Moody employees

After his departure Edward Lane Fox, "Prince Harry's right hand". He retired after serving fifteen years this summer.

A spokesperson for the Kensington Court does not comment on the departure of a third individual assistant. However, another source says that she will not miss Melissa. "Megan played an important role during the wedding. He's a very talented person, so he's going to play a big role in the royal palace. "

At any rate, during the preparation for the royal wedding, intense stress required all assistants. For example, Prince Harry was led by a royal biographer Robert Idiot he is shamed and indignant at his employees. Megan is his former agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne in any case already selected. "Not only about his clothes, but also for those who work. He writes everything that he does not share with his point of view.

Another source in the household: "For a member of the court to lose; this can happen all the time. But three months in three months; people seem to run away.

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