Wednesday , October 5 2022

Uber driver who killed 22-year-old Mares


Last year, an 21-year-old taxi driver in Amsterdam killed a 22-year-old woman in Amsterdam on Wednesday. No one was executed.

According to the judge, the person can not be condemned. The driver did not have a maximum speed of more than 50 kilometers per hour, and his attitude impeded an unstable car. The court finds that the bus has crossed the line, but it does not see any connection to the violation and the collision. "We understand that it is difficult for Mara's relatives to hear this," said the judge. The taxi driver was required to public service for 240 hours and one year of disqualification.


The accident took place on March 31, 2017. At 8 am, Molyukenstraat, a taxi driver in Amsterdam-Oost, went to the 22-year-old Moe Welker. He was on the way to working as a primary school teacher. He was seriously injured and died on the same day.

For five months, he worked as a Uber driver. In the morning he handed over two clients. Then he waited for a new trip. Uber is not a party to a criminal case. The company said it would not respond to the crash in Amsterdam. "Because the catastrophic accident worked out of our program". Drivers driving Uber are not employees of the company, but those who work for themselves. During the test, Walter Walckers criticized Uber.

Amsterdam Council members, Sofyan Mbarki (PvdA) and Zeeger Ernsting (GroenLinks), reported that they had more control over Uber. PvdA has made a recommendation for the last month that the municipal council has adopted. "Uber's operation affects employees' safety and security," says Mbarck. In other countries, Uber is not the only thing in the Netherlands where drivers can work the most hours.

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