Tuesday , January 31 2023

Van Gereier is sure that Van Barneveld will lose on Grand Slam or Darts now


Michael Van Gerven began his drama drama on Saturday. Brabant in the world with a score of 5-1 in the first team was strong for Gary Robson.

Van Gervais looked like lightning racing (5-0 win), but as he missed the pair, he had to abandon the third leg.

De Vlijmenaar finally scored 112.66 points on the average, winning third place with three points – Phil Taylor (114.65) and Gert de Vos (113.86), with three points in Grand Slam or Darts.

Van Gévère plays on Joe Muanan's second-team match on Sunday, and if all is well-to-do all the time for the braking period.

The Maite Mike has won the Big Drama Darts over the past three years by winning Phil Taylor (16-13), James Wade (16-8) and Peter Wright (16-12).

Van Barneveld starts worse

Raymond Van Barneveld failed the "Grand Slam". In the first group game Zuid Holland lost to Krstenzwat Rataisky, leaving 3 points out of 5.

Van Barnevelt made his first three legs easy against Ratai, but the seventh was interrupted and the rest of the psychic hit did not exceed.

De Hagen is on an average 92.30 on average, but twice as long (only thirty).

Van Barnevelt left for Michael Smith in his second group game on Sunday and won the eighth finals.

Wade does not give any chance

The Big Darts Darts won in 2012 at the expense of five-time world champion Van Gerven, and once in 2015, Philip Taylor admitted to winning the semifinals.

Winners of the PDC and BDO television tournaments will take part in the Big Drama Darts, as well as the winners of the PSD specialties and the winners of the Euro Tour tournaments.

The Third Dutchman, Wesley Zams, and Barneswell, learned that the Great Hart Darts had begun. Dutch team scored against James Wade 5-0.

Zardar has to win the second-team match on Sunday with Mark Webs in the last sixteenth.

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