Saturday , January 28 2023

Van Géréven's quarterfinalist, "Big Jam" or "Darts" team


Michael Van Gerven reached the quarterfinal of Grand Slam of Darts on Thursday. The No. 1 Brabant in the world came out in the second round with Michael Smith on 10-8 show.

Van Gévén had some wonderful start. He broke the clash and hit the 3-1 deficit.

"The strongest winner" finished the game with a score of 4-3, and after a while he was confident that he won two points and won.

Smith collided instantly and at 9-8 he doubled 20 times to force his decisive nineteenth leg, but he was released, and then Van Derwen finished his work in the third match.

Van Derwen is in the semi-finals on Saturday against Johnny Clayton, who was a strong 10-3 for Kristof Ratayski last night.

"Strong Mike", with a mean score of 107.92 against Welshman in the second-team match, surprised 5-4 defeats.

Harmful from the second turn

Wesley Zarms was eliminated on Thursday in the second round of Grand Slam of Darts. North Holland won Gary Anderson 10-2.

Zardar has no answer to the force of Scot attack, so much lower than average (87.97 points per 101.22 points each).

In the fourth position in the BDO rating (3-2), the deficit still remained 3-0, but he could not.

In the second round, Zardes won the second Group W Group James Wade (5-0) and Mark Webster (5-3) and Kigan Brown (5-4).

Anderson on Sunday beat Michael Unterbuhner in the quarterfinals, pushing James Wade (10-6) stunningly.

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