Tuesday , October 4 2022

Auckland boats take a storm


The number of inexperienced boats can be increased
Oakland goes up to sea on water safety issues

Research *
registration of new boat trailers and high numbers
the share of ships with at least five people in the water
annual experience.

According to WSNZ CEO Johnny Mills
concerns and strategies
Water safety in Oakland.

"This is our biggest inhabitant
base and wide range of high hardness levels
water based service, available port and warm
The importance of climate is very important to us

Auckland – a challenging environment
At present, 17 cases of drowning are reported on the average
per year.

67 was drowned
Death in five years from 2013 to 2017
the deadest environment in which the water is drowned
the most urgent action, then swimming and power

There are about 600 Coastguard in the area
blows, 85 related to water police search and rescue police
and about 6,000 ACS complaints

"Oakland has increased population growth rates
Water security services seek to maintain the demand.
This is primarily in the face of volunteer organizations
serious problems, "says Mills.

WSNZ works together
Prevention of Auckland (DPA) and other partners
Auckland Regional Water Safety Develops

"We want to interact with local communities
this strategy is governed by regional leaders
understand the challenges and difficulties of the site "
says Mills.

On the weekend DPA's Oakland Water Protection System
The Waxing Week is taking place in the Gulf of Ohuhi. Water
Security organizations promote aquatic advancement
educational and water sports, demonstrations, events,
forums and games.

Water Education Program
Children between the ages of 1 and 8, the "Water of Life Skills" program
The feature of the WSNZ exhibition is its peculiarity.
Parents and children can learn about water safety
She teaches at school and gets a chance to win a warehouse
Access to water skills for life through vouchers
painting competitions.

More about Oakland
Go to Water Safety Week at https://watersafety.org.nz/water%20safety%20week


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