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British Airways Airline's "Jonah Lomu" passenger returns spasms


A businessman complaining to British Airways claimed that he was wounded after being forced to sit next to a man called "Junus Loma's size".

Stephen Prosser, 51, says he suffers from "soft tissue damage" after putting the "horror" on himself.

The director of the company was injured and wounded by a 12-hour flight from Bangkok to Heathrow.

On Friday, the Pontypridd County court said that a civilian civil engineer, who had been forced to sit next to a "over-the-counter" passenger crew, ignored his injuries. It was 6 feet 4 kilograms and weighed about 22 stones.

Mr. Prosser (5ft 3in), said: "He was great, making the backside of the seat between his chair.

Jonathan Lómi in 2015 for the Nobel Challenge
The man next to Proserus is "the size of Jonah Loma"

"I sat down on my knees, sat on the front seat, and the other part of my body was planted.

"I knew it was going to be a problem, and I felt the weight of her clean body on the top side, which made me feel unnatural.

"When he grabbed his hand, he raised my hand through the size of his hand, and he randomly sounds the loud noise at each sound".

He chose not to share with the passenger because he was "self-justifying", but complained to the cabin crew, who said he had not let other Boeing-777s out of the room. someone else.

Mr. Proser claims that he suffered from "soft tissue damage" after a person "scotch" is close to himself

Proser, from Penygraig, South Wales, said that in January 2016, the incident was caused by permanent spinal cord injury and injury, which was caused by dysfunction at the bottom of the vertebra.

According to her, a 12-year-old spine injury caused by a natural disaster during a long-term flight is associated with a long distance run.

He said that he could not work without back pain and had an influence on his relationship with his partner and left the mountain bicycle unattended.

Mr. Proser 's representative, Jack Harting, said that the "exceptional situation" would go to the Montreal Convention in 1999, the Compensation Agreement for the International Civil Aviation Organization Member States' air crash victims.

Mr. Hardin said the figure was required for a loss of £ 4,100.

Chris MacLinkson, a flight attendant manager, in a statement, said that Proser was not comfortable with "sleeping" [file image]

Representative of British Airways Timis Salisbury said that Proser was "overstated" by comparing another passenger to legendary legendary John Lomo, a legendary New Zealand rugby, ranging from 6 to 4 to 4 minutes and 19 passengers.

Mr. Salisbury said, "Do you remember this guy reminding Johnny Loma of the rugby player? Is this comment unclear?

The photographer answered: "There is absolutely no." Salisbury said the crew of the cabin crew was "high, but not heavy, and he attacked another."

Chris MacLinkson, a customer service manager on board the plane, claims that Proser is uncomfortable and "sometimes sleeps."

Prosser said it had been wounded in a 12-hour flight to London's Heathrow, Bangkok

Mr. Maslendl, if Mr. Clifford stated that the client had been on board the board, they would have to extend their seat belts, and they also had difficulty lowering their hands.

If Andrew Barbello asked the area judge, McLindon said, "If they were to board a plane for a plane, they would have to buy two seats."

District lawmaker Andrew Barbello said he had made a decision on the verdict and was planning to hear about the outcome of the case.

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