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Can Future Royal Bride be Princess Beatrice?


Princess Beatrice can not walk early in the footsteps of her sister Eugene, and later tells her plans for a new friend, Eloardo Maselli Mozzim, a few millionaires.

Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi is a divorced millionaire with two years old son. Photo / Facebook
Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi is a divorced millionaire with two years old son. Photo / Facebook

Two months ago, a couple who met a friend met in a convenient time at the interview, as well as interacting with couples.

According to Sun Beatrice's friends, after 2019, she talked about the relationship with a divorcee, her two-year-old son.

Last week, Beatrice introduced 34-year-old Edoardo to his boyfriend at the London-based Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal Dvali.

"They immediately collided, laughing with each other, relaxing together, Beatris introduced him to Fergie and his father," reports The Sun.

"It does not surprise anybody if they are running fast and work in the shortest possible time."

The friends were informed of the match, saying that the princess was very happy.

His new flameproof is a dog-loving and an operative ventilator that specializes in finding and developing millions of dollars for rich clients, based on his wealthy Advisor Banda or the "Big Palace" in a souvenir in 2007.

Princess Beatrice's former flame

Princess Beatrice, the grandson of the princess and the eighth, who had been on the throne, had two old romances.

He was the only man after the collapse of the American guy Dave Clark in 2016, ten years later.

Uber's 33-year-old married married his new partner in July.

The first love she had at the age of 17 was the New Yorker Paolo Liuzzo. In 2009, Liuzzo was arrested in Australia and charged with keeping cocaine.

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