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Chelsea fans may still be tempting Alvaro Morata to Didier Drogba and Diego Costa


Unlike Alvaro Moratta, few Chelsea players have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Initially, if the striker of Spain joined Real Madrid £ 58 million in the summer of 2017, it was a new record of the club.

It is hard to overcome this challenge, but it was almost impossible for Morata to see two of the most famous striker of the Stamford Bridge.

Didier Drogba scored 164 goals for Chelsea, with two panic and demanding 12 trophies, including the Champions League. Diego Costa spent three seasons in London, but it was a long time to make a long impression. 57 goals, two League and League Cups.

26-year-old Morata began to lose weight after the start of his first debut season, and this did not start with a strike in the first match. But over the past few weeks, the battle against the Sain was hoped.

Five goals in six appearances are unbeatable, but that Morata's easy passage to the ground and a lack of simplicity in fighting can be overwhelming – it is necessary to prove that most of Chelsea can be as effective as half of Drogba and Kosta.

Caesar Azpilicuò, however, explains that he wants to stop such conversations: "I do not like to compare. Everyone should work on their own. They (Drogba and Costa) possessed different qualities and personalities. It is unfair to talk about two major players and Alvaro.

"Alvaro opens his way. He has come to a new country and I am sure he will be rewarded when I work ".

Of course, Chelsea coach Morizio Sarré also asked for his opinion on Moratti. However, Morata's accusation of a "frivolous mind" was an act of indictment.

Anyone who has watched him for the last 15 months certainly agrees, but Azpilicueta soon saw positive changes in his mood. "The goals work a lot because we know the strikers, they live for their goals," he said. "We know that he will give him confidence, he plays well and looks for opportunities. Sometimes there is no ball, but I am grateful for his work. We know that last season is tough for him, but he is a very important player for us. "

Chelsea – Crystal Palace Maurizio Sarri after-match press conference

Despite the shortcomings of the former Juventus star, he was glad to be one of his predecessors. This is Roy Hodgson's outfit, and he is in danger of repeating the "Chelsea" victories 2015 and 2017.

The game plan worked for a long time. They eliminated Chelsea's attack and used the opponents of Andros Townsend and Wilfried Zach. Townsend scored the ball equally with the ball to David Luiz's lower corner.

However, in too many cases, the steps to the future have changed since there was no objective of the center. Chelsea could assist Eden Hazard, Mateo Kovacic and Cesc Fabregas with three points, while Jordane Ayu and Geoffrey Schlupp took part in the bar.

Purpose: Morata twice down the shed (EPA)

Eight goals from 11 league matches are rare statistics, especially if you are registered in 16 debit columns.

Under the direction of Frank De Boer, Hodgson, who headed the club from scary to safe start, is undoubtedly.

"The only thing we have seen last year is that we are struggling and achieving results," he said. "This year we were amazed that we did not get the results. Many teams have brought us to the pitch.

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