Saturday , January 28 2023

Facebook condemns the search for promoting rituals after the investigation


Facebook is accused of encouraging adolescents to cosmetics after an investigation by middle-aged men as a "friend's offer".

Young people who joined the social network have suggested up to 300 people whom they can add as friends, writes The Sunday Telegraph.

In some cases, suggestions include middle-aged men who are not familiar with their images.

Facebook says there are safety precautions for children, but the company's employees warn the company to put more effort to stop the cosmetics that use the site to communicate with children.

Anthony Burroughs, head of the NSPCC Association of Child Protection Online, told Sunday Telegraph: "Suspects are trying to access the children's social networks in social networks, often trying to exploit children for sex or encrypted sites.

"Social media algorithms make it easier for shipbuilders to communicate with children, and suggestions from a friend friend or new follower can add legitimacy to their requests, so we encourage children to abandon these specifications.

"Too long social networks have not been able to safeguard their platforms for children, so the home secretary needs a stronger and more effective way to ensure that children's safety is not negotiable."

A spokesperson for Facebook said: "It's very important to clean up and we have a great deal of teamwork to keep children safe.

"We use artificial intelligence to predict interactions that are incompatible with minors, and we refer to law enforcement agencies as harsh.

"We limit the ability of children to find them, and remind them that they only ask people who know about their friends and warn them before the public posts."

Last month, Facebook's moderator reported that over the last quarter of the year 8.7 million children have been taken out of pseudo-pictures.

Last year, a computer tutorial defines barefoot and child-friendly images that make Facebook more powerful to block the photo of minors in a sexually explicit context.

This system keeps users engaged with smaller "guard" or "friends" for sexual exploitation.

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