Sunday , June 26 2022

Gareth Soungert after England's Wayne Rooney test was given a "country"


Gareth Soungest said he was an "informal country" that has caused disagreements with Britain's decision to raise Wayne Rooney to international retirement.

The game is called Wayne Rooney Foundation International, and it is expected that the former captain will be out of the table for the final minutes. The Football Association hopes that this game will honor Roni's international career – it is a charisma to raise awareness of the Wayne Rooney player, England's all-time record holder. However, the decision of the FA was criticized for "devaluation" of international capital.

Speaking at a press conference at Wembley, Wembley decided to recall Southgate Runi. According to him, there is a double standard in England for people who say that England has to reach much before it respects one of the most successful players.

"We have not made it as we want, we have a unique country," says Southgate. "Then we have a player to be a top player and we have to spend a lot of time with him. "In my opinion, there are many examples of people who have a cap on different occasions. In fact, he is able to show respect for the achievements he has made.

Sangate answered questions about Rooney's press conference and did not think that Roni had just got into a gate. It was impressive how other countries respected their legendary players.

"We went to Germany while respecting Lukas Podolsky," he said. "It was a great way to get to know someone who was fantastic for their country. I do not think that these years have always been wonderful. In my opinion, it is important that former players feel part of what they are dealing with in England. "

When it comes to different situations, players think that they need to be so clean about the value of their "standing".

"It's hard to understand exactly what the valuables are valued," he said. "You can walk for two minutes. I played all the games in half of the teams. Hopefully, I will come at night, and I believe that many people will not be happy about it, but many will admit that Wayne did. I hope he is responsible, because I think he deserves it. "

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