Friday , October 7 2022

In Kiev, rapper Jordan Rapana has been eliminated with a shoulder injury since mid-2019 1 NEWS


Canberra has been hit by an international match from the Rugby League for the second time with Jordan Rapana for serious injury-related injuries.

Last week, an explosive gambler who played for England against New Zealand did not miss the half of the season.

According to Rider, he will be inactive for at least six months and a black ink between the 11th and 14th rounds.

The reserve team of "Ata-Kinino" team is in the rehabilitation group after injury in the last test of Tongia in Australia last month.

But Rapana's injury is far worse than Hingcan.

Star Hockey Josh Hodgson was not available for more than half of Canberra's 2018 competitions. In the last year's World Championship, he broke ACL from England.

He left the raiders in the desert, but was forced to pay the money.

The club applied to NRL to pay a salary to sign up for another player, but the request was rejected.

Hodgson, who was one of the top paid rebels, forced the NRL to change rules to apply for clubs paying international wage-pay players.

When Canberra Hodgson returned in the 15th round, he did not come to the final.

Raheer Chief Executive Officer Don Furner said: The club will apply for compensation to help rebalance Rapana.

This allows Hingano to sign a half-hit to close, Aidan Sezer and Sam Williams consider only half of the Riders since June.

Xingano must act between six and eight rounds.

"Our plan is six to seven or eight months, and we will definitely consider it," Furner said.

"But we will not use them (NRL)."

Florer has reported on a new training base at CBD Club in Canberra.

The raider hopes to move its headquarters to Bruce, a 15-minute drive, to Braddon next November.

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