Friday , January 21 2022

Invites you to study the increase in wholesale electricity prices


Four electric retail retailers complained to the Department of Electric Power, which has recently been upgraded at wholesale prices.

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Vocus, Flick, Pulse and Electric Kiwi have gone up in price last month, reaching $ 1000 per thousand megawatts, which is three times higher than the normal wholesale level of the year.

Among them, Quartet, who serves about 150,000 clients, blamed the market for manipulation and high prices and condemned major electricity companies – Genesis, Contact, Mercury, Meridian and Trustpower.

"Generally speaking, big scientists will continue to spoil the Kivi family for decades without changing their practices," said Jonathan Edel, chief executive and sales manager for Vocus.

"We and other small players have worked hard to boost competition on the market, and nurses are gaining profits because of the market price of the doubtful market."

High wholesale prices have been dropped by low levels of hydraulic lubricants and have reduced gas to use generous heat from the Gantley station.

The electricity authority is obliged to check the price and check whether there is a "non-demanded trade status".

It has the power to settle, settle, quote, and settle trades in cases where claims are reasonable.

However, in October, the government said players in the industry would not behave badly.

Executive Director of Flick Electric Steve Oon said Connor's electricity market should be resolved urgently.

"This is not the case, as it is not typical of business, but because of the incompetence of opportunism – opportunism, which left three independent retailers out of the market," he said.

"When the market drops, we buy energy at a reasonable price and sell it to our customers and compete.

According to Mr. Connor, the price is very high and partly due to the coordination of market power from the "big guys".

"We lost confidence in the wholesale market.

"If independent retailers do not stay in the market, we have a fundamental problem and consumers suffer."

Small sellers offering electricity at wholesale prices have stopped buying customers and advised consumers to find new vendors or switch to fixed price contracts.

The management of the electricity did not want to interview, but later announced that the announcement would be released later today.

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