Friday , October 7 2022

Joe Bennett: The infinity of the bean poppy


The package contains endless peas. When they finish, they go anywhere.

Oksana Tkachuk

The package contains endless peas. When they finish, they go anywhere.

Comment: There are refrigerators in supermarkets such as sarcophagus. You relied on your little Arctic, and you needed it. But now the sarcophagus allows glass cabinets and cabinets, it is good to put the packaging, ideal pictures.

The beans were in their tails because they were famous. I missed the baby's pumpkin but did not justify extravagance. Here's my dear reader, this morning, I got the bags of Vatti's garden beans. There is no clear sky clear of the bomb.

The pack vanished and suddenly the pea went to a flat synthetic layer of the supermarket. It was difficult to know what was going on. At one point, I looked at the cascade of wild animals, as Mr. Cortes looked at the "Pacific Silence" Pacific Ocean.

As a young man, I struggled with the concept of infinity. I acknowledged that something might be too great, but it can be infinite. I would often and again with a physics teacher. He just had to open a pea pack. The package contains endless peas. When they finish, they go anywhere. Plus 1. The bean recalled the time when I opened my pupa doll. The only way to stop finding many polystyrene is by moving your home.

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Package is split at the top. Why can not I tell? I did not drop a bag for anything. I did not press the bag. I'm not guilty. But baby, I'm guilty. I lived alone in the bean sea. They were blood scattering, and my purse was a drip cleanser. The woman who feeds on my milk took a look at the other side of the road. I do not blame him. We are clinging to all crimes and disorders.

People do not agree that they only accept these things. We are looking for meaning, reasons and results. It is our strength and weakness, the source of science and religion. For example, Sir Isaac Newton identifies such forces as a degree of severity. It's not like irrational, like myself, but by fate.

My first thought was "Why me?" Why did I have the fate that all people should choose this package from all packages? Why was destiny so cruel?

Of course, I consider it unfounded. I've taken thousands of peanut puree, which is not separated. But religious beliefs were not always reasonable. These gods.

The employee was about 17 in the near future. "I'm sorry," I said. Then I forgot about the words.

"I poured out some of the beans," she blames. "Some peas are poured out", it seems unlawful. He explained to me the problem of hail, which threatened to misinterpret.

"There's a pea on the floor," I said, leaving something, but he did it. I dropped the package to pay close attention to the message. The peas fell and scattered.

Young men did not allow a stick and a brush to help with cleaning. "It's a break from unity," he said.

I noticed a sense of duty. When I got your teenagers and the right tools, I was amazed that it was possible to get rid of all the beans in one place and one at a time. Then I came home to think.

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