Tuesday , January 31 2023

Louisiana Food: Salmon for Salmon Fish


Ora King is a freshly grown salmon with amazing New Zealand history. At this week's show, we go to three cities to meet three chefs – all the finalists of the international competition to create the best inventor Ora King.

In order to start the trial, we will meet Austin, the Texas Chief of Staff at the Lenoir Restaurant Mia Limen, and familiarize himself with the theory of nutrition, which has been developed through personal experience at home and abroad.

From here we find Yael Pitt to go to Brooklyn to take over the Japanese Japanese Spartakiad Karasu. Yale's handicraft Japanese dishes and her acting as an animated artist differed from Ora King's dishes.

Then we reached the top three in Los Angeles. The chef worked in the valley of Napa, a legendary French attacker, who attacked the command of Jonathan Granada. She now serves as a culinary dining room in Oxygen.

After completing all three finalists, we can identify a great winner. We also know more about Ora King about hourly fish. David Smith tells us about fish coming from the coast of California to the rivers of New Zealand.

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