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Nokia 7.1: Standard upgrades for budget phones


Nokia has been an impressive year as it seeks to restore its position as the smart brand brand.

His main company, HMD, is one of the smartphone makers, when it sends its mobile phone a year before, the Nokia name suggests that it still has currency.

Apple did not succeed in designing the same perfect camera as the iPhone XS or Huawei Mate 20 Pro. But a few years later, in the desert, he stated that he was in touch with a series of handsets, which he would actually deliver from every price.

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Nokia releases its 7.1 debut year with a discount of $ 599 compared to the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8, and puts it at a good competitive rate, such as the Moto G6. and Nova 3e.

Designer, not so great, 7.1, does not break any real ground. However, in angular shape, it is different from copper and diamond crumbs that remind Nokia's premium mobile phones.

The fingerprint scanner on the front of the screen is too expensive to stay on the back of your phone, and it's faster for you to unlock the back panel frequently for all the benefits that come with good recognition and hidden fingerprint scanners, especially in motion.

Dynamic screen

The best feature of 7.1 is a good comparable display in the price. The LCD screen (1,080 x 2,280 resolution) is bright and clearly shows text and images. But it has HDR10, the TV has a high dynamic range format that shows the TV on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming video services. This means high contrast and bright colors for standard coded videos, but I'm not on the 5.8-inch screen, so watching most TVs is unlikely.

If the content is not in the HDR, Nokia requires a useful answer: "Nokia has convenient video capability to make standard definition content a little more powerful". It's hard to say how effective it is, but I had no complaints about video playback.

It is expected that the camera will not be able to hide the camera with a thick black line, but it is expected to be upgraded. At the bottom of the phone there is a thick ceiling with the Nokia logo, which was not useful for my screen.

Hardware and technical specifications are respected if it is not effective with Qualcomm's reliability The Snapdragon 636 processor controls version 7.1, which has 3 GB (gigabytes of memory) and 32 GB of storage capacity. Both are on the light, but there's a lot to do in the memory and a microSD slot for storing your videos if you want to keep your videos and photos on your phone.

Camera rear panel 7.1, 12MP (f / 1.8) and 5MP (f / 2.4), Carl Zeiss camera optics. The camera, especially on well-lit scenes, looked good to me. Unlike the R17 Pro, its luminous performance is not as impressive as it is a priority for photographs taken from cocktails in the backlit bars (this is for me).

But in the software version 7.1, there are good settings for the boxing type to control the image blur in the background, timelapse, and various "pro" settings.

The phone moves fast – there's a fast way to move between apps and settings, and the camera has an implicit response time. The battery life is quite high in the middle of 3060 mA. I took the day's trouble, but the next morning I was flat, and if I forgot to add it to sleep.

USB-C connector and special headphone jack

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