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Perhaps you have to review an interesting book


Several live tanks remained on the banks of the banks.


Several live tanks remained on the banks of the banks.

REVIEW: Are there any lovers of Lorax?

The book, Dr. Sees, and for the first time ever published in 1971 (Does anybody remember this?) Learned to think about the environment for the offspring.

We were able to deal with environmental issues in the century or earlier in Lorracht because we have destroyed our forests in the banks of the banks.

Did you know that the French surgeon in Port Levy in 1838 knew that the ninth bird had a call in the morning choir: tulip, lace, sadelbak, kokako, pio-pio, yellow head, pippi, kaka and kereu?

By 1900 – by aggressive milling and burning – almost all of the original forests disappeared.

A single bird.

If you want to teach your child this lesson, you take them to one of the few beatings on the banks of the banks, which is sadly over the Hilltop Tavern. There is also a mountain grave near the Peninsula Rod Dundal Hut.

"Fortunately, we are enlightening these days," you say.

Yes, right. How is our water?

Finally, an American cloud Ocean company, which acquired the former refineries in Belfast and paid for resource owners, has the right to issue 1.6 billion liters of water per year from our watercourses for $ 2,227.

Now, such money can buy you Peugeot Mi16, but you can not get half the Corolla half.

This is our most precious resource and you suck out of the ground to put it on polyethylene bottles, and you will be sure to wash off your middle class on the coast of Cambodia after making your own great sound.

"Look at me and drink pure water."

It should be noted that they will be recycled.

"They are using more water than we do with X," said the marketer's voices to disturb us.

Good. Let us also consider them. Even better.

In my opinion, there are a few simple questions:

If this resource is of value, then why do we let it go wrong?

Why did the right to such a resource only allow someone to get some dirty purchases?

Earlier, Christchurch served hundreds of people, fed their families, and so on.

Time-lapse is a reasonable reflection of how to get a large number of community resources. I think that "we" (through ECAN representations) is the evidence that has allowed Big Dairy to get water in the last few decades, believing that they will improve us as a community, but they never think that it is capable of rebuilding our small rivers to rest – , I do not know.

At any rate, why is it not in the public discussion and the simple use of this crown?

Of course, this transfer right – is it something easy to achieve?

Here I think. I think we are talking about bottling from the Ellesmere lake, talking about green water in New Zealand, and often boiling in the loose lakes.

Welcome to a clean, green Aotearoa – Do you like to drink your whole flavor in a drink?

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