Wednesday , October 5 2022

Special pipelines have accused human waste of dumping into Oakland beaches 1 NEWS


Private sewage and drainage pipes, which are illegal or poorly maintained, are accused of numerous human trafficking pollutants in Oakland beaches.

Stopping water is a permanent problem for the city and Oakland Council. Over the past four years, DNA has tested about 20 beaches with water quality problems.

Approximately 650 samples were obtained and more than half of them showed pollution of human waste water.

Aging water infrastructure has aggravated aging, but Anin Namma from Watercare said it was wrong.

"The sources identified today are often associated with people who connect their waste water to storm water, individual pipelines that are subject to a temporary leak," he said.

"There is no indication that the water supply infrastructure is insufficient."

Namama said that she was a good example of the findings on the Takapuna beach.

"We found a toilet block in our own pipes … we went into the river to drink water and storm water and then go down to the beach," he said.

"The favorable results from Takapuna are not the water supply infrastructure and aging infrastructure," he said.

According to him, people can drop oils, oils or networks into sewage systems, as well as barriers.

It can also be a risk of overcrowding.

"If we always say:" This is a water supply problem, it's a water supply issue, "he said.

«[The] most of the problems will be related to things we should not fall into our network, which will drive people to the net ".

The Council for Water Testing, Nick Vigar of Safeswim, called for the connection of anyone who is in danger of tuberculosis.

"There is a considerable amount of money to monitor these issues," he said.

"We are happy that people come to us and say that we have a problem, and we help them solve this problem."

Mr. Vigar inspected the public Safeswim website and said that the quality of water in the beaches would be checked ahead of time.

According to him, the Council is working on identifying and correcting sewage treatment issues, but this is not a quick fix.

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