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The inhabitants of Scotland were awarded 100 years after the First World War


People in all parts of Scotland attend Sunday's events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of World War I.

All civil rites, marches and services are all part of the festive program to celebrate the 100th anniversary of military action in the country.

People are silent, light beacons are lit, and important buildings that have lost their lives during the conflict and admit to all those who have lost.

Nicola Sturge, the first minister, begins by laying a wreath at the monument in Edinburgh before serving at the St. John's cathedral in the city.

In the afternoon, he will go to a special service at the Cathedral of Glasgow.

He said: "Sunday memoirs will allow people in the world to interact with other people around the world to remember the final sacrifice of the Scottish people in the past century.

"This will allow us to respect the names of those who have committed their lives, and to give honor to our veterans and those who serve us to this day.

"This year, of course, has been completed by the end of the First World War since it was 100 years since the signing.

"Putting shock is a small but significant value, so I can do it on behalf of the Scottish people."

The last post plays and waves over 100 wreaths to Edinburgh. Land Forces and other politicians participate in it.

After performing the service, the city is grateful for the festive event and memorial service in the old city.

At anywhere, Glasgow's George Square was a two-minute silence at 11 am.

Lord Provost Eve Bolander conducts his business as Lord Lieutenant, and the Honorary Guard is the 6th Battalion, the 6th Battalion of the Royal Regiment in Scotland.

Later, in the daytime cathedral, she accompanied Princess Royal.

At the University of Glasgow, before the 11th silence, all six weapons were shed for sixteen free intervals in just 15 seconds.

Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Perth, and Stirling see all the parades, and fewer communities in the continents and the islands pay to those killed in the war.

Musicians and artists have come together to remember this episode.

In the morning, personal places around the world, including Scotland, fought like a traditional song battle played at the end of the conflict.

In addition, six beaches in the United States will take part in a world-renowned event dedicated to filmmaker Danny Boyle's 100th anniversary.

St Nicholas on the Shetland island, western sand in St. Andrews, the Skopje beach in the Orchini, the Airy Beach, the Moray Fir and the Burgundy beaches on the Bay Bay side of the bay are located on the Benbecula Island in External Hebrides. Conflict collisions, which are eliminated by the incoming wave.

After the darkness, the Scottish Parliament has a special light and sound projection, on behalf of Scotland, names of all who died in the service of the Great Patriotic War entered the building.

On this day, from 17.00 to midnight, seven hours will be shown, each with 134,712 men and women.

The Fire Extinguishers will be deployed on the "Army Day" in Scotland and in the "National Trust" project in the rest of the UK.

All buildings and sights of the country, as well as the Scottish poppy, will appeal to the appeal and will be red during the week, as well as for the Memorial Day.

The Scottish conservative temporary leader, Jackson Carlo, says: "They collectively influence events that make it possible to identify the entire nation on this day's Remembrance Day.

"Remembering the 100th anniversary of this army is a greeting from today's world to today's world."

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willy Rennie said: "It's important to spend more than 100 years thinking about the sacrifice of men and women who are fighting abroad for over 100 years, as well as the survival of men and women."

Scottish Labor Leader Richard Leonard said: "During the First World War, the 100th anniversary of the Army must be a catalyst for the restoration of our collective efforts to fight peace, equality and unity. helping people to overcome the effects of the war in the world. "

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