Tuesday , January 31 2023

TSM Myth & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; explains the main problem in philosophy


Twit Star Ali & # 39; Myth & # 39; After a dramatic collision with Kabby's developers approaching the famous piano rally, the epic "Fortnite" philosophy & explained the problem.

Since the start of the X season, BRUTE Mechs has been criticized for the battle of Epic Games. Many community members have exaggerated themselves and claimed that their number is insufficient.

On August 15th, the Epic Games will bring their own Fortnity philosophy. suggested an upgrade. The update explained that in practice they are trying to create a gaming environment for anyone to win. Although BRUTE is not balanced, it allows them to succeed as few qualified players.

Epic Games

In addition to boogie bombs, BRUTE has a zero counters at Fortnite.

On August 16, he was criticized for updating TSM Fortnite streaming myth-mixers on Twitter.

"You have to be a dumb person," he said. "You have to say," Hey, I do not give you any fuk ". I do not care. Game finished right now. Whether or not the epic will change it is still because they are based on data, so I did not use any context for the data. "

Within the upgrade, Epic offers several graphics showing the very small percentage of BRUTE removal.

According to myths, BRUTE games can only be responsible for a small part of a single game, but this removal method will make "Mex" unjust.

Many clips appeared, which destroyed the players in the missile, during which they were unable to survive.

In the second clip Myth is expanded to its critique and laughs at developers. "Only 6% are eliminated by Mechs, and statistically, we'll put them in the game and destroy ourselves."

Most of the time, Epic Fortnite punishes players who have time to improve their skills and encourages less-experienced players to keep playing simple.

Public reviews hear about BRUTE, and, despite the feelings of the epic, they seem stronger to their "philosophy."

Unfortunately, BRUTE looks nothing like it.

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