Monday , June 14 2021

You can access Mexico in the Red Duo Redemption section

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very big game world, and after its basic scenario, it will be even more.

As part of the original Red Dead Redemption was inserted into a new name, it was detected before running. However, lock-outs of this industry have only emerged after the review, and it seems that the game has more maps than before.

In short, if you fill out the main story of Red Dead Redemption 2, most of the map on the western part of the area playing this time will open. This section is all about the Red Dead Redemption map in Mexico. you could see also The other side of the San Luis River, but you can not go there. Or think.

Fanatics can not find the way to the map of Mexico. If this was not possible, most of them tried to disclose some jewelry that would allow them to be seen on the invisible wall.

In any case, the Mexican part of the card is completely blocked only on Red Dead Redemption 2.

Many fans have documented their smartness on YouTube. Most people do not allow intelligence to be disclosed, since it is quite possible for many players to split apart in the invisible wall.

Basically, you should go west to New Austin, the Coronado seaside corridor, and & # 39; d & # 39; between points. You can ride a horse, get into the water, and pass through Mexico.

Maps are exceptionally clean, NPC-compliant and surprising, but not the case with most of Mexico's. After a while, the map ends … only. This is one of the conditions where you can fall to the edge of an empty space beneath the surface.

Now, on the other hand, it would be good if the DLC would say that the rest of Mexico, including the DLC story, is in the region to interview missions. However, in fact, this is simply an insignificant nickname.

Not only the Rockstar Red Dead Redemption card, but also the graphic conversion procedure is primarily automated and engine-driven so much more than cutting down lost bits. However, since this is only part of the map seen in the northern hemisphere, this fragmentation of Mexico may be pure aesthetic.

However, this is a great development, and we look forward to correctly identifying the WAC.

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