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A 7-year-old mother in the phone conversation said, "Do you think he was murdered?"


RESPONSIBILITY: Former wife, Øystein Hagel Pedersen, attempted to email a police officer's assassination request. This is one of the arguments against a seven-year-old mother (left) charged with killing two people at the Kristianswil District Court.
RESPONSIBILITY: Former wife, Øystein Hagel Pedersen, attempted to email a police officer's assassination request. This is one of the arguments against a seven-year-old mother (left) charged with killing two people at the Kristianswil District Court. Photo: Mattis Sandblad


Shortly after Heidel Pedersen's death in the living room, his ex-wife would have named the deceased woman. After the interview he got an internal shock.

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On April 4, 2014, 66-year-old Øystein Hagel Pedersen from Geylo traveled Kristiansand.

In 2002, she and her two children were charged with murdering their 52-year-old father.


Seven grandmothers condemned the murder of two men: there is a bath in the courtroom


Hagel Pedersen moved to Geilo and began selling used cars. According to family and friends, she has now had to move from a very complicated relationship with the accused woman.


Seven-year-old mother with pillow must catch the victim: – Very bad killing weapon

On April 6, 2014, he was found dead in the 221nd Hall of Christensen's First Hotel. Sleepy "Stilnoct" should be a cause of choking or poisoning. The woman refuses to kill someone and does not comment on the issue.

No video surveillance

There are no suspects in the case. Witnesses should have seen the accused at the hotel the same day as a fire brigade, but the reception should not be subject to video surveillance.

Causes of death are considered poisoning and drowning, but the defender of the woman questioned that. The main evidence of the defense is that the deaths of two people can be natural, casual or self-mutilation and may not be killed.


Wife's lawyer: None of the guests on the second floor heard that they were fired

For several years he heard rumors about what his father and Hagel had done with Pedersen. Several people said that they had been involved in criminal activities and were behind the accused.

He is now testifying to the sister and former wife of Hegel Pedersen in the Kristiansand District Court.

"Do you think he killed himself?"

The former wife of Hegel Pedersen called the defendant April 6, 2014 as her former husband's death. He thought where Hagel Pedersen was. He took his car, but did not sound. His wife answered very well.

– Can you recall what words he used? says actor Leif Alexander.

– No, but they were in the city. He had a good voice. I can not explain it. Finally, he asked, "Do you think he was a murderer?"


Seven die for two deaths: 221 rooms are similar

He must have said that he was "very cruel to suicide," and the accused would agree.

– Why do you tell in this story? ask the prosecutor.

– You can ask for it. Then I was terrible. He said so. Now that's a bad thing, I thought, "he said.

He did not look for Geilo

Hegel Pedersen's mother tells her that after her death, Gagel Pedersen, in Gile, was cleared of the apartment.

According to the investigator in Creston, Oistein Jorgensen VG, police did not search Hagel Pedersen's house after his death.


Seven husband claims that he loves two people who have been charged with death

Hegel Pedersen's sister asked the police for him, and was it good to go into the apartment? He took a witness and photographed. The brother said that the police did not ask for pictures.

– Do you still have photos, ask the woman's lawyer Olav Silt?

"Yes, they have a mobile phone," she answers.

– Threatened Torpedo

In April 2013, Hagel Pedersen's ex-wife tried to send a "message of alarm to the police." Haddel Pedersen, a woman killed here, says she should acknowledge her father's assassination. The email did not come to the police because his ex-wife went into the wrong address.


History of the Undercover agent cover: wants to get rid of the annoying girl

Hagel Pedersen, 43, faces charges of baptism on March 22, 2013. He used to send e-mail to the police.

The spouse demands that the defendant commit violence. He also said that the defendant should threaten him with a thug.

He said that after his father he had inherited the mind. I find it dangerous and unstable, "he says.

– Bankruptcy man

– Did you feel that he was in trouble? violence, ask the prosecutor.

– Yes there is. She came home and was with her whole blood. It was fast. Once she entered the cabin and was afraid. I had a girlfriend and I was very upset. The apartment is damaged. Cars are broken. Money stolen. Anything. Finally she was bankrupt, says her ex-wife, who is sure that Hagel Pedersen will never succumb to suicide.

– Do not look like tablets

A brother feels sorrow and anguish because of the difficulties associated with the well-being of his children.

"The suicide, he said something about it, says actor Leif Alexander.

– No. When he started dealing with children and children, he felt unjust. He called and said: "Now I'm jumping into the ocean. Now I do not work ". My brother says that only he / she has earned money by agreeing.

He told his brother that he had returned to Geilo to become part of the car fair in Easter.

What Did You Know About Drug Use?ask a prosecutor, because the cause of death is Stallock's overdose of sleeping drug.

"She did not like pill. It was not. She began to grow adult coffee. He was deeply concerned that what he was doing would be right. But I do not know how it develops, "says the sister.

– It was suspicious

Witnesses describe a very turbulent relationship between the accused and the 66-year-old girl. Approval and Prohibition. The accusation cut off the cars by cutting off the tires and scratching the paint.

"She put on her clothes and dressed me up," she says.

"We asked him why this relationship was going on," he adds.

Eckano says he has not heard anything from the accused before the funeral of Hagel Pedersen.

"It caused me some doubts that something could be done to him. It was very quiet, says a woman.

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