Friday , February 3 2023

Aibel gave him a feed contract to pour Gudrun


Aibel Gudrun received a FEED contract for Phase 2 Water Injection. There is a clear commitment to the contract with the Equinor (EPCI).

The phase of the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) phase starts immediately at Aibel's headquarters in Stavanger and Haugesund. 45-60 people will participate in the project until June 2019. About 60 million tons of FEED

The main objective of the project is to pump water, to expand and expand the reservoir. At FEED, Aibel ensures that the selected water intake concept reaches the reservoir. The task is to investigate new equipment and pipelines for water injection systems. In addition, Aibel will work with Gudrun to integrate, migrate and retrieve solutions.

– This award – expressing confidence of Equinor and confirms our competence and competitiveness. We present fundamental research and fundamental tasks in the Norwegian continental shelf. And we are well aware of the Gudrun platform, and I am confident that we will be able to deliver all the settings, "said Andersen, CEO of Aibel.

Inibel, Aybel, said in summer 2013 that the platform deck was responsible for Gudrun's design, procurement, construction and assembly (NPSI).

The potential implementation period is estimated at more than 400 million crowns and FEED starts at the end of 2019. At this stage, the project will involve 160 people on land and land installations. Necessary production is carried out at shipbuilding plant in Haugesund, Iceland.

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