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Bergenausvision is a free vaccine in November


It eliminated more than 18,000 HPV vaccine doses sufficient to vaccinate about 6,000 people.

The state has signed a contract with the new vaccine producer this autumn. As old producers have been contracted, only doses have been used in childhood vaccination programs, and in the autumn young people have received a new vaccine and the rest exposed to the expiration date.

HPV can cause intimate damage to the genitals and can lead to cancerous illness (see below).

Vaccine is now included in vaccination programs for children and girls. In addition, all women born or after 1991 are free to receive a vaccine if they accept the first dose until the end of December of the current year.

More vulnerable groups

This summer, the state, the Norwegian public health institute and the drug producer have agreed to use overdosage in other vulnerable groups.

In October, the Bergen Municipality suggested selling drugs and men who had sex with men and women, later born later.

"We were here at Strax House and MO Centers to provide women in a vulnerable environment. At the Engen health center, healthcare nurse Agnes Gyerezen and lecturer at the Hochskolen på vestlandet (HVL) College say to the BBC.

Vaccines are available at the Smittevern office at the time of booking. In addition, Engen Youth and Student Recreation Center offers advice on sex with men at the age of 10 to 14 years.

– Vaccinations will expire at the beginning of summer and should be the first of three doses until the end of November. There are still unused vaccines, so it's important to get it, "Gijer said.

– Learn how to save lives

In the meadow 300 doses were ordered.

– Here comes the first, first of all. These vulnerable groups will only receive free vaccines until released, said Gijzen.

This autumn, a group of nursing students at HVL received an Ossetian project to broadcast the relevant group vaccine.

"I noticed that there were many young people who needed vaccine last week. The medical nurse says: "All students have seen information on the campus, so students have done a good job.

"If I buy a vaccine, then I ask for it further. Here are some of the best possible groups in the groups we want to reach, so it's great to have someone here.

Even if you did not get the first dose within a deadline, you can get two doses free of charge.

– All doses are considered. One dose is protected, both are well protected and protected by wood, "says Gijer,

"Socio-economic and physical persons here is a great achievement. We know that we are saving lives.

Facts about HPV

Many people have papillomavirus (HPV). The virus easily gets into sexual contact.

HPV may cause malignant neoplasms. Cervical cancer is commonly found, but HPV also causes cancer of the rectum, mouth, and food of the female genital, skin cancer, and external genitalia and male genitalia.

HPV annually produces more than 100 malignant neoplasms in men. There is an increase in malignant neoplasms among males and malnutrition.

HPV infection in Norway annually:

About 10,000 women have been diagnosed with mild cellular changes

About 3,000 women have undergone cellular changes and cervical cancer should be removed

About 300 women have cervical cancer

About 300 other cancer cases among men and women

About 70 women die from cervical cancer

From 10 Norwegian women aged between 1 and 45, they get a sexual broom.

Source: Public Health Institute / Cancer Society

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