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BMW's new rechargeable hybrid attack


More than 30% of BMW cars registered in Norway this year have BMW's paid hybrids. New fully integrated electric motors, up to this year, make up about 80 percent of the statistics for BMW, the Norwegian importer said.

In 2019, a new BMW will be launched, including the new BMW 3 Series Sedan and two SUVs, including the new hybrid models BMW X3 and BMW X5.

The new BMW 330e sedan

The new BMW 3-Series Sedan branded diesel and petrol models in March. After a few months, the BMW 330e rechargeable hybrid is looking for a fast and durable hybrid from here.
Under the cover of the new BMW 330e 184 hp. two-liter four-cylinder TwinPower turbocharged petrol engine and 83 kW / 113 hp. power up to 50 kW / 68 hp the same electric motor is produced. Total power in two engines – 420 Nm at 252 hp. With a new standard XtraBoost capable of producing additional power at a 12 kW high voltage battery, the power will be shorter than 30 kW / 41 hp. can be increased. XtraBoost is activated when the car is set to sport mode and can be used before reaching the minimum battery level. Also, run XtraBoost by kickbacks.
The new BMW 330e Sedan is 6 to 0-100 km / h and the maximum speed is 230 km / h. In full electric mode, the high speed is 140 km / h, which is 20 cm / s with the predecessor. The vehicle's capacity is 375 liters. Due to the high voltage battery and fuel tank location, it is important to store storage space under the floor in comparison with diesel and gasoline models.
The BMW 330e car has a range of up to 60 km, which is about 50% more than the previous generation. The range is measured according to the new WLTP standard and is adapted to the NEDC2.0 / NEDCcorr standard.

(As in the picture)

BMW X5 45e. Photo: BMW

The new BMW X5 45e

Big SUV 4th generation BMW X5 was launched in November. In the second half of 2019, the model program will be expanded with a new generation rechargeable hybrid, BMW X5 45e.
The TwinTurbo petrol engine is a 3-liter stand and is powered by 286 hp from 450 Nm. offers. This torque is 265 Nm only 112 hp. combined with an electric motor. Thus, the total power is 394 hp, the maximum power is 600 Nm.
The engine can control the high speed 140 km / h, and the maximum speed can be up to 235 km / h at full power in two engines. Speeds from 0-100 km / h in 5.6 seconds.
The petrol engine and power engine powers the 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission and xDrive with a new generation of four-wheel drive. Even when an electric motor provides pulse, the power of all four wheels is distributed just as the gasoline engine is connected.
The high voltage battery capacity is 18.4 kW and is low in the car. It also helps reduce the center of gravity of the SUV. Compared to other new BMW X5 models, the luggage compartment volume drops to 150 liters, but normally offers a capacity of 500 liters. If the rear seats are lower, the luggage compartment will increase to 1716 liters. The fuel tank has a length of 69 liters, enough for a long journey.
The new BMW X5 45e has an electrical range of up to 80 kilometers and is measured according to the WLTP standard and adapted to the NEDC2.0 / NEDCcorr standard (WLTP range 75 km). Thus, the electrical network is twice as high as the previous generation.

The new BMW X3 will appear as a paid hybrid

Recently BMW Group has announced its top manager, Harald Kruger, that the BMW X3 will be released in 2019 as a paid hybrid. Technical data are not yet known in this model.
"There was a lot of debate around the electric network of the first chargeable hybrids to the market. With a new generation of rechargeable hybrids we show that BMW has the technology to bring these models to a new level. The Norwegian BMW dealers will be opened to order new rechargeable hybrids before launch, "said Marius Tegneby, Communications Director of BMW Norge.

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