Monday , June 27 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo In the A-series – Ronaldo, Juventus moves from Naples to the top of the A series.


Mario Mancuscu sent Juventus 10 minutes before playing. The guests hit the team, but Milan got married and fined after a break.

Gonzalo Higuaien made the decision for the hosts.

Instead, Juventus's great star, Cristiano Ronaldo, scored the last goal in the 80th minute. Thanks to the victory, Juventus from Naples won the top of the A series.

Once you have scored seven points, just click on it

Sunday's second team did not arrive on Sunday. After 8 minutes Atalanta received the Inter Hans Hateboer. Intercontinental Mauro Ikardi has later been penalized for penalties. The guests could never defend the game, while Atalanta scored three more goals.

Janluca defeated Mancini 2-1, Berat Jimmy Papu Gomez lost with a score of 4: 1.

Thus, Atalanta won the fourth tournament and increased the hopes of the European League to the seventh place.

The target festival in Rome

Veronada had a 2: 2 equalizer between Chievo and Bologna. Kyivo fired Bologna when Santander scored the only goal in three minutes. Guests have met Joel Obie's pre-break. However, when Riccardo Orsolini scored 2-2, the guests refused again.

In other matches, Stefan El Shaarawi became a great hero of the home romance in the battle against Sundfarm. The Italians scored two goals, and the owners 4-1 won. Empoli beat Udinese 2-1, and Sasuio and Lazo ended 1-1.

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