Thursday , September 29 2022

Direct news: Tuberculosis patients are isolated in Huckland


The patient is isolated from an infectious tuberculosis hospital at the University of Huckland.

The man must have been infected abroad.

The infection office has revealed that a person is in contact with and is currently being investigated in infectious environments.

Municipal nursing was also involved in infectious search, the Bergen municipality press release says.

"Every year we have about 10-20 people with tuberculosis, and this is an infectious disease. But in this case, the situation is slightly more probable than normal, because they have a great deal of communication, "says the Stable Pediatric Styletian, Permanent Surveillance Authority.

For infection, researchers are required to examine at Smittevern Office three times in 12 weeks. Most people only donate blood, and some have lung radiographs.

"We conducted extensive research and were in the process of communicating with people at risk of infection. They will receive the necessary information in Sweden's Smittevern office and call for an investigation, reports Kari Sted Øystese in the press release.

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