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Famous people who have increased the number of forest fires are: – Fully destroyed


Thousands have been killed and some 30,000 have lost their homes in American mass media as the worst forest fires in the history of California in the United States.

On Monday night, Norwegian firefighters are fighting a massive flame of fire in the United States. According to the news agency, some fires are already under control, but the authorities believe that it will take several weeks before the shutdown.

Currently, all detectives are being investigated, but about 230 people are reported missing. This is a fact of human tragedy especially in the city of Bainai, where the north is hit.

– One is happy

Malibu, known south of the country, is Malibu, well-known for its flood relief. There are also several houses burnt, but death is very low.

Several star stars have been evacuated from their million villa during the weekend, including 48 star star Gerard Butler shared a photo of their burning house on Twitter. Later there were other celebrities.

Famous individuals such as Miley Sayes (25), Will Smith (50), Robin Tike (41), Orlando Bloom (41) and Lady Gaga (32) will be affected. The first one writes Twitter The house in Malibu burnt down on the ground.

MONEY Cross: Miley Cyrus and actress Liam Hemsworth are among the stars that are affected by forest fires. Photo: NTB Scanpix
Flying Departure: Miley Cyrus and actress Liam Hemsville are among the stars that are affected by forest fires. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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Delete: In the picture enter Millie Kirs's house after a fire. Photo: NTB Scanpix
WARNING: In the picture, Millie goes into the house of Cyrus after a fire. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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"I will not let my neighbors burn. I am the happiest person. My animals and my love are also safe, and that's just something. My house does not exist anymore, but I always want to share my memories with my family and friends, she writes.

Also, his music partner, Lady Gaga, had to release her home, but it was not clear whether her house had been damaged or not. Sunday's 32-year-old said he did not know he was back.

In my opinion, this happens to those who suffer from tragedy – from homes or from loved ones, and I'm here with most of you. We still pray for each other and for each other. Whether God is with you, Gaga writes in one of his Twitter feeds where he also encourages the firefighters:

The Unknown Future

In his turn, Orlando Bloom has shown the sea level in his Instagram photo.

– Two hours ago, I did. Pray for all our neighbors, and also thank those who are furious. Do it yourself, "he writes.

In addition, the artist, Robin Tikke, and his second daughter, April Love Geary (23), had the opportunity to thank the firefighters in social media.

He had previously painted an image of his private apartment in Instagram, which shows stars surrounded by thick smoke.

"When we were safely transported, firefighters and volunteers sacrificed their lives to save our homes. I want to thank them, even in Instagram.

Later, Thicke announced the update of Snapchat, confirming that he had suffered major damage to his family home.

OPP IN FLAMMER: Robin Thix says his home has disappeared in social media. Photo: Snapchat
FLAMMER IN OPP: Robinson Tix writes on his social network that his house has gone. Photo: Snapchat
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Among the victims of forest fire were several people in the Clan Clan and singer Jessica Simpson (Charlie Sheen (53)). Recently, he called his parents in the middle of a flamingo, and then he did not.

Some American media reported that Shane's parents, Martin and Janet Shen, should be in good shape later.

Also, since 1927, parts of the Paramount Ranch novel series have been burned down. The last catch was used by Westworld to write the main street scenes from the art city "Sweetwater".

100,000 evacuated

From Thursday, three of the forest fires in California have been eliminated. Secondly, Woolsey Fire destroyed about 215 kilometers of the American landscape and over 100,000 people were evacuated, CNN reports. The cause of forest fires is still unknown, but it is due to drought and strong winds.

The worst fire of the American authorities and the media, called Camp Four, called for the deaths of 23 people in the region after the river.

All the inhabitants of the Paradise mentioned above have a dramatic characteristic of those who have been rebuilt from fire.

Authorities fear the death rate will rise.

ORT: Friday's fire In California, since 1927, a large number of film and television shows have been added to the historical dance floor. This is reported by the Variety magazine. Among other things, the HBO series "Westworld" used an iconic to record its scenic scenes. Video: CNN
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