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Helge Ingstad has been repeatedly warned by Sola tanker – NRK Norway – Overview of news in different regions of the country


The flagship collided with Sola tanker before the Helge Ingstad frigate.

This shows that it was only a minute before the ships were narrow. However, despite the clear and repetitive messages, Helge Ingstad does not rotate. The frigate was obliged to change the route, and the tanker would use much more time to change the route than the frigate.

– Stay close to the blocks

Despite the absence of a frigate against them, ask for "Sola TS" if they are "Helge Ingstad". It confirms warships after five seconds.

Later, the tanker repeatedly requests the frigate to turn its course.

Frigate's answer:

– Then we close the blocks.

What is "blocks"?

– Turn!

Then the frigate was given a clear message:

– "Helge Ingstad", you have to do something. You are getting closer to each other.

The tanker then informs:

– "Helge Ingstad"! Turn it!

After three seconds:

"There will be a collision here".

– Turn!

"It might be military ships. I hit him.

– It was accepted.

Ask for help

Thereafter contact with the Helge Ingstad, and the Frigate disaster is a concern.

– We were worried. They are trying to control the situation when they say to the central station, the VG sound magazine has published.

"We are in dire need now and need urgent help.

– It was accepted.

Then you will hear how far the boats are, and the Helge Ingredient crew. The frigate has 17 speeds of radar images. This is the Ajax queue that has been sent.

Navigation training

NLA Helge Ingstad made navigation exercises when it was outside of Øygarden, confirmed by NATO's NRC. From the start of the drama until Thursday, it was 04.

Norway Civil Aviation Commission examined the incident at the Helge Ingstad frigate and 23 people on the TS tanker. Eight people were injured.

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