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Precious stones and gemstones after the French Revolution, owned by Marie Antoinette, were sold for $ 36 million – over 300 million Norwegian crowns.

From the auction house valued at more than 17 million kroner.

Coulomb is part of a collection of ten pieces that belong to the princess. Gjenstandane has not been published for two hundred years. This is the Bourbon Parma family with jewelry.

Ornaments of Marie Antoinette

The auctioned price for these jewelry made over 300 million tenge.

Photo: Richard Drew / AP

The Royal Princess Marie Antoinette was arrested in 1793 after the French Revolution in the guillotine on the Revolutionary Square in Paris, after being defeated by earthquakes, immorality and other charges.

Then he was 37 years old.

Marie Antoinette is a prestigious mysterious princess, who later married the Prince, who was Louis XVI. It was part of the union between France and Austria.

Absence and abundance


Marie Antoinette was a portrait painting, also known as the queen of France.

Picture: AP

The Alliance is not accidental, it does not depend on political or marriage law. Because Louis has a lot of health, impotence must be one of them.

The queen is embraced by one of the ways in which she will change her sorrow. He made some brilliant concepts of fashionable skirts, footwear and jewelry.

A recent history study has denied Marie Antoinette's reputation, but she was skeptical that the French and French people were not very popular.

This was especially true in his remarks.

Here, Marie Antoinette is right on the streets of Paris, about the people who demand the revolution. They asked the court what they were doing and gave them no bread.

– If there is no bread, why not eat cake? the princess asks.

Belonged to Maria Antoinette.

On Thursday, ten beautiful mosaics found in Geneva under the hammer, belonging to Marie Antoinette.

Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP

Of course, it is not clear that history is genuine, and this is not the case. Moreover, it has shaped his opinion.

Mushroom jewelry

Marie Antoinette also rarely owns many jewelry, along with several diamond earrings. There is also a beautiful diamond brooch under the hammer, a diamond ring made from the original engraving, and also has one lid.

Marie Antoinette turned her family into the family of Avemrique smuggled her most valuable jewelry. But with his wife, Ludwig, they tried to escape from France, and each failed.

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