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Kongsberg E24 to launch 5G: – We have been preparing for 5G for several years – Telenor-Digital


"In Telenor, we have been preparing for 5G for a number of years, and now we can share technologies and technologies with families and businesses in the Kongsberg Technology Library. We are eagerly looking forward to piloting and training as much as possible with our pilot clients, "said Sigf Breke, Chief Executive Officer of Telenor.

This week, Telegiganten has launched its first 5G network in Scandinavia. However, this is not a full commercial launch because Telenor believes it will be 2020.

Currently, a switched network, together with several partners, is used as a pilot to test 5G in technical and commercial terms.

One of them is "Applied Autonomy", a launch company that provides a self-propelled vehicle management system. The test also includes five families in Kongsberg.

This week's E24 episode tells you how to test the Applied Autonomy Boss website Olav Madland. CEO Sigve Brekke and technology director of Telenor Ingeborg Øfhtychus are talking about new mobile technology, which is now being tested and how to find 5G – will require great investments in the future.

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The 4G and 3G are known to be based on previous 5G mobile technologies, primarily:

Thus Huawei's 5G router is visible. Telenor 5G has equipped five families in Kensberg to verify that it works as a home wired high-speed broadband technology.
Thus Huawei's 5G router is visible. Telenor 5G has equipped five families in Kensberg to verify that it works as a home wired high-speed broadband technology.
  • speed: While Telenor is confident that today's 4G network can send about 70 megabits per second, the 5G network will receive up to 1000 megabits per second
  • answerWhile these signals require some of the second seconds to pass through today's mobile networks, this is almost the same as 5G. This will allow the use of technology to control vehicles or military robots that should be controlled with precision
  • coincidence: Cell line can be divided into several layers. This means, for example, that Emergency Services can work and respond fully to the festival area along with the network, even with thousands of mobile users.

Along with the purely technological advantages, mobile telecommunications companies allow them to earn new avenues, for example, paying only the coverage data. Cellular communication operators may charge extra on the line to save capacity, or especially when reducing the response time.

What business models we actually see are not one of the most popular cellular groups at the moment.

Technology is still developing

At present, Telenor Kongsberg has built three 1.5G base stations with a radius of 1.5 km.

They work relatively high frequencies (3.5 and 1.8 gigaherts), which gives good capacity, but shorter range of signals. In the future, you use the bass frequencies that you use elsewhere on the cellular network.

While the US Verizon launched a 5G service offering wireless broadband access in some US cities in autumn, technology is still being developed.

Ingeborg Øfhthus, Telenor's new technology director, said: "The standards are still developing and we have to work hard to get all the equipment needed for this test."

For example, there are no mobile phones that support 5G, so Telenor, Verizon and other players are now modules and modules that add pure data through the 5G network.

"We assume that by the end of 2019 we will be able to access the phones, but mobile manufacturers still come with news," he continued.

According to the technologist, the 5G network, along with major investments in the fiber and infrastructure associated with the construction of the 4G network, requires a substantial upgrade of the basic network, ie the infrastructure of each base station.

Fear of Europe is back

According to his predecessor, John Fredrick Baksaas, Sigve Brekke worries that Europe will end up in a constantly running mobile telecommunications market.

Bracke fears that Europe's disrupted industry must be the same as in 5G, although he has made a big step towards the US mobile industry and how he has moved from Europe, especially when it comes to smartphones (especially how the iPhone works).

"We are in danger of falling back to Europe as compared to Asia and the United States, so it's important for us to check how we can apply new technology," says Bong Kongsberg.

During Kongsberg's 5G launch, Telenor's headline markets in the United States and Asia are characterized by a large number of players in the US and Asian markets, and the European market is much stronger and far more mobile.

That is why he also spends great effort to tear the Telenor and the Northern Zone.

In addition to testing in Congberg, Telenor will also conduct two test tests in Oslo region in 2019.

Telenor also jointly with the British IT and Spanish Telephony companies tested and tested several 5G tests in Europe.

Listen to this link on Kongsberg's E24 podium or look for the podcast on the podcast on the E24 podcasts.

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