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Manchester City defeated Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League


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Manchester City moved forward and scored 9 points in four games in Group F.

Manchester City – Shakhtar Donetsyan: 6-0

Manchester City on Wednesday closely monitored Ukrainian League Champions League match against Donetsk.

David Silva scored his first goal in the Ethiopia, leaving the 5-meter wide and wide-scored ball down the line. Gabriel Reem Sterling scored 3-0.

70 minutes later the city penalized another goal. Riyadh Mahriz completed 5-0, five minutes to finish.

Gabriel assaulted the excessive disciples and turned them over to the miner's palace.

But although the city seemed to have full control over the large Ukrainian team, the city decided to play a 1-0 score and the game was open.

Pep and the team laugh at him

After 24 minutes, Gabriel scored from the penalty area, and his forward, Raheem Sterling, was awarded a penalty. The English language tried to get out of the pusher, but dropped it straight into the pit, so it fell to the top of the grass. (see the article for further details).

Jesus scored for Citicain with a 2-0 lead.

Although the distance between Raheem Sterling and Miner's defender is very high. still condemned Viktor Kassay's fines.

This TV studio was able to boost experts and social media in 2 studios.

– This is a completely comic field! Raheem Sterling casts the ground, but the referee believes it's a field. 2-0 – Manchester City is awesome, says soccer referee Eric Torstedt.

A former national team official has to admit that Sterling is involved in the refereeing.

Danielle Hoglund, a Viasat studio, realized that television viewers were "City Manager", Pep Guardiola and his team did not have a penalty for Sterling folk.

"When you look at Mip, Pep and his team laugh about it. They realized that it was not a penalty.

According to Gepardri, there is no penalty after the end of the match. Even Rheem Sterling acknowledged that there was no punishment.

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Guardiola: We have understood it

"We understand that there is no penalty. Raheem could speak to the referee. We did not like the situation, Guardiola after the game:

"We know that judges need VAR (video assistant), so they do not do that," said Guavioola, referring to BBC Sport.

In the interview to Sterling Bt-Sport, he was scared at the end of the match, as he was not close to his players.

"I'm going to lobby ball, but I do not know what happened. I did not know any contact. I'm sorry, Sterling.

VANT: Pep Guardiola has won Manchester City on Wednesday with a score of 6-0.

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There was a curse on both Sterling and the judge

It took a long time before the arbitrator penalized the penalty until the tag comment was boiling.

The new record is Silva

At the 14th game, David Silva found the net masks easily, up to five meters away. Riyadh Mahrez finds the box in the lower position of the technical team.

The goal of Sylva – the third goal in four matches of the Champions League in the 2018/19 season. In the Champions League, midfielder did not score much in the early season.

On the 24th minute, Raymie Sterling sent Manchester City a penalty. Despite being close to his opponents, the arbitrator was penalized.

He has done a simple thing for Garbiel to do, even when shooting.

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Sterling show

Four minutes in the second round, it was a screen for a new Sterling show, but this time it was the 23-year-old's football. He lifted the ball up the field and lost to two miner's players.

An English judge jumps in the court and puts the ball about 12 meters to the right and points the ball to the corner.

Gabriel Jesus shoots after 72 minutes, but he does not have to do anything wrong. 4 – 0. This time it was a penalty. Riyadh Mahrese was given a 5-0 lead five minutes before the final result.

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