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The 43-year-old accused was not charged with prosecuting her at the start of the case. Sjubarnsmora refused to assassinate his former life-style in 2014, his father was baptized in 2002, making the card exclusive.

The murderer refused to comment on the police and the court. The strongest chart of aborigines is an undercover agent who has been involved in a private life for several years.

Sjubarnsmora is accused of killing my dad in 2002, and assassinating a hotel hotel in 2014.

"It's not enough to say whether it's a death or a murder," said Olav Sylt, a defender.

But, according to prosecutors Leif Alexander, the prosecution can prove that she is behind the woman:

– We have an hourly recording of audio recording. And we have a sense of this issue.

Leef Alexanderers

Actor Leif Alexander tells us what he should know about a woman's intentions.

Photo: NRK

A 15-year-old tomb was opened

She was found dead on Wednesday, March 27, at her 52-year-old father's home in Kristiansand. They had to spend the evening in the evening and drink too much.

Police said the 25-year-old daughter had dipped her head in water when she had some valerium.

The family was in danger at that time, but it was not enough to follow their instructions, and the family members informed the NRC.

Fourteen years later, the police decided to take the mistake to a dangerous place. They found toxic traces on his remains.

Excavation of the Rundsound Church

The father of a woman who died after age 15 was killed. Kipos found poisonous traces.

Photo: Tom Richard Hansen Olsen / NRK

Bending with youth

Twelve years later, Øystein Hagel Pedersen (67), who died on his bed in 221 bedrooms in the first hotel in Christensen, died. She has two small children, who came from Gillon.

According to the KNB, the accused was in the evening with the child. Police begin a secret investigation of a woman who suspected her father's death.

Police have been responsible for the death of grandmothers, but they have not found enough.

Because of his charge, he killed the baby in many tablets. Then he had to hide and reflect on his face, and, according to the accusation, he suffered from choking.

The woman is also accused of losing her bank card and losing three times. This person is one of the most important witnesses of persecution.

The former Kristiansand former guest

The hotel Øystein Hagel Pedersen was found on April 6, 2014. According to police, she was poisoned or suffocated.

Photo: Hans Erik Weiby / NRK

Think about motives

The list of actors is more than a hundred people; police, family, friends, news, child protection staff. As a witness of the court, the prosecutor takes a special step in the use of an undercover agent.

Olaw Silte's lawyer wanted to abandon an undercover agent.

A politician has been dead for three years since the 43-year-old was arrested. During the long-term research, the "full set of tools" is used:

"We have used everything we have been given. spyware, telephones, and infiltration, "the prosecutor said.

He alleges that there are a number of technical evidences linking a woman to death:

"We have many arguments. There are documents, economic arguments, and testimonies.

Fear of unlawful claim

"I do not understand that there are technical evidence to link it to the case," says Olaf Silte, a defender.

Olav Silte

Olav Sylte became a defender after the police demanded that the first defender be abused.

He refused to accept the interview with an undercover agent and to cancel it before the proceedings. This is decided by the court at the main court session.

– This is not dependent on content, as it depends on how the stories are written. I am afraid to legally get it, "says Sylte.

The KNB knows that the importance of the criminal prosecution is important for an undercover agent, but the actor, Leif Alexander, is unresponsive when it is important:

"I do not want to erase arguments against each other.

The trial will last from November 12 to January 24.

Reporter Martin Fjortoft, in Kristiansand, concluded that the woman was charged with murdering two people.

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