Saturday , June 19 2021

– Old advertising should swallow camels

Because the bureaucrats between them were never good at all. In other words, the brothers are the best.

Advertising agencies have never been surprised by the media's efforts to transfer money to television, radio and television.
newspaper. In addition, the growing popularity of media outlets and advertisers – the advertising agencies have become increasingly offensive.

Now they are united and many old advertisers need to swallow camels. The French giant Publicis has its promotional-
and media agencies Food and Starcom and Norway's largest advertising agency Try – this year's Byrå profile has won 16 years in a row, and has been partnering with its full-fledged media agency, the Alliance, the British communications giant
TPP. Try and Publicis is not alone – Schjærven Group has been buying mass media and advertising placement for many years. Several attempts have been made to integrate advertising and media purchase
The stack in the Norwegian market is a lucky one. It will definitely come.

Advertisers want to earn a lot of money and they need quicker delivery. The business model of the reporting hours is under pressure.

That is
Advertising agencies are not the same home for the first time. In the 80's and 90's, advertising agencies such as Bates and Lintas had their media outlets and McCann Worldgroup
McCann advertising agency and IUM media agency are under one roof and under the same roof. But in the 2000s, advertising agencies and media agencies had divorced their teams and communicated with customers.

Affiliated families are united – it's completely different than the good old days, rather than having a lot of money to distribute in the media. At that time, the customer received a 15 percent commission fee for the media budget
Earlier in the advertising industry, lunch was high in tobacco, gin and tonic.

Today these problems are for agencies. Advertisers want to earn a lot of money and they need quicker delivery. There is a business model
Reporting times at pressures. Meanwhile, big advertisers such as Tine, DNB, and Coop do not need large commercial videos of up to two million, but money goes out of production.
price. In addition, digital landscape marketing is complex. Advertisers want a simple daily life, and the communications industry has been unable to carry out more agencies and products like data content.
marketing, productivity and software.

Try and Publicis now try to make it easier for advertisers. At present, only Rema 1000 has come out.

But it is often better than usual.


– Road problems:

Campanje's chief editor, Knut Christie Hager, has voted for the country's top mobile communications agencies this week. "But these problems are among the agencies," he wrote
Hauger in this comment. Photo: Knut Christian Hauger.

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