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Sparebank 1 markets invest in Aker BP


Shareholders of Sparebank 1 Markets this week will go to Aker BP oil company in brokerage portfolio. Opinion Opinion Petter Kongslie notes in a news on Sunday that Saudi Arabia allies are negotiating a barrel of oil barrels per day.

"Saudi Arabia, with its allies, explains that the oil price below $ 70 is unsatisfactory, and it can be sex in the future," Conglo wrote.

Production cuts on Monday raised oil prices from $ 71 to $ 1 a barrel and brought Aker BP shares to Oslo Stock Exchange list. The price of the Brent brand will drop by 17% from the top of the 86 dollars at the beginning of October.

The Kongslie Oil Fund also suggests that it drops after falling by 15% since July.

This week, the fleet of the Sparebank portfolio includes Orkla brand, aluminum hydrofoil and Eri.

DNB Market Manager

DNB Markets currently manages the DN portfolio competition. Brokerage house this year gave a positive result of 22.7%.

The Arctic Foundation's management reaches 20.6 percent, while Sparebank lags behind in the Markets portfolio by 12.4 percent.

Despite the decline in the portfolio by 0.9% last week, DNB Markets has also released the best. Generally, Gjensidige was issued, which grew by 5.7% during the period.

The main indicator on the Oslo Stock Exchange is 9%.

Trust in Penro

This week, John Fredrick's tanker, Frontline's DNB Markets, will benefit.

"The rates of magnitude decrease in the shortest time and have shown that the price trend has deteriorated, which explains Paul Harper, a dedicated strategymaker.

Frontelline increased the stock by 9.8% due to the fact that the brokerage house was in hot weather in early November. Last week, the stock fund dropped by 12.7%.

Arctic Fund Management this week, the silicon producer comes out of Elkem's portfolio, and the Panoro Energy oil company invests in it.

Last Tuesday, Panora bought OMW Tunis Upstream for $ 65 million.

– It is a good price. The procurement allows Panoram to increase its production and production volumes, "said Alexander Larstedt, a portfolio manager. (Conditions)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv AS and / or our suppliers. We want you to share your business interactions with them directly on our sites. Any part or all of the content may be copied or otherwise used in writing or by any other means. See additional terms and conditions here.

The blocquist head of the new Pushwagner press: – We have always been impressed by the price

Of course, he will spend $ 50,000.

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