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TEST: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus


I did not understand Galaxy Notes as a child. Too big, I thought. The 5.3-inch display was not heard on the mobile device in 2011. Today's Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a 6.8-inch display, but has never denied Galaxy Note.

In fact, even though the screen is much wider, Note 10 Plus is significantly narrower than the original 8 year old Note Note.

Do you have more screen space than a compatible handset? This is what we think is going to be a breakthrough.

Like other Samsung models, the S10 series is a mobile phone with thin aluminum frame. On the back there is a three-chamber location, like small bumps on the left side of the phone. Near the camera there are two sensors and a flash.

Aura Glow is the coolest Note 10 Plus available. It shows the colors of the surrounding light, and silver is able to display both of them, and if the color of the light is sufficient, it will be yellow and pink. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

It looks like P30 Pro

Installing the camera ensures Huawei's P30 Pro is almost entirely reliable, but it needs to be tested. In the end, this is the best part of Samsung's new handsets. You get a charged battery, a fast charging feature, and wireless power sharing in Note 10 – plus Huawei lets you expect new headphones.

There's no fingerprint here anywhere. He moved to the screen where he lives with the selfie camera, which has a self-contained perimeter.

I have never been on the Galaxy S10 with my fingers on the screen. When the S10 software is up to date, the symbol that indicates where it is to be found does not always appear and is not always read correctly. Both appear in Note 10 Plus. I always know where to put my finger on it, and the fingerprint reader will always open. The solution was more stable than the S10 solution.

The lock and volume key are on the left side of the phone. The location of these keys is understandable and is one of the things i like about Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It would be unbelievable to be able to place this key on a big phone like Noten.

Galaxy Note 10
Galaxy Note 10 Plus
Galaxy S10 Plus
Display, size and weight
6.3 "Dynamic AMOLED, 6.8 Dynamic Amol 6.4 Dynamic Amol
2280 x 1080 pixels 3040 x 1440 pixels 3040 x 1440 pixels
HDR10 + HDR10 + HDR10 +
15,1 x 7,18 x 0,79 cm 16.23 x 7.72 x 0.79 cm
15,76 x 7,41 x 0,78 cm
168 grams
196 grams 175 grams
Processor, RAM and Storage
Exynos 9825 Exynos 9825
Exynos 9820
8 GB
12 GB
8 GB / 12 GB
256 GB, NOT Place for MicroSD
256/512 GB, Place for MicroSD 128/512/1024 GB, Place for MicroSD
3500 max 4300 mAh
4100 mAh
Camera and other features
12 MP, Dual Pixels, OIS, f / 1.5-2.4, 12 MP Tele f / 2.4 OIS, 16 MP wide f / 2.2 12 MP, double-pixel, OIS, f / 1.5-2.4, 12 MP Tele f / 2.4 OIS, width 16M f / 2.2, Flight / DepthVision Sensor
12 MP, Dual Pixels, OIS, f / 1.5-2.4, 12 MP Tele f / 2.4 OIS, 16 MP wide f / 2.2
One front camera, 10 MP f / 2.2 One front camera, 10 MP f / 2.2 Dual camera, 10 MP f / 1.9 + depth of 8 MP f / 2.2
Fast charging, wireless charging, wireless power sharing, Not the headphone jack Fast charging, wireless charging, wireless power sharing, Not the headphone jack Fast charging, wireless charging, wireless power sharing
Bluetooth with S-Pen Bluetooth with S-Pen
From 9,790 pounds sterling DKK 11,390 and DKK 12,390 From 8000 cron
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Hurray – Bixby key disappeared

I do not have a friend with the keys to the left of the key, but the place with the left hand phone and the pen in the other one have the meaning. You do not have to use it often. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

The lock key on the right side of the phone is better suited for the Galaxy S10 with the thumb of your right hand. Also, as I always use the key in my right hand with the handle and the left hand cell phone, I'm likely to undergo a change.

Lastly, this is not a big issue, as the warning can be awakened when it rises. So you do not have to use the key altogether. If you prefer, the camera can access you or use your fingerprint reader for a secure solution. Here Samsung offers full flexibility – whether you want to focus on your face or finger when you define applications, you can only add one or both of the lock screen.

Speaking of keys that you do not need to use; Since the disappearance of the Galaxy S8, Bixby has been pushing Samsung users with a slightly bitter voice assistant. It is the same. If you really want to, you can turn on the lock key to activate Bixby. In this case, you can use the button on the dropdown menu to turn off the phone. But I do not want to do so for many reasons.

Push the button just like the button on the bottom of the phone, and the pen will pop up. When you remove it completely from the phone, the classic Reminder menu opens. We've seen it before, but here are some useful ingredients, such as the Smart Selection solution, to get better screenshots than other phones. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

The pen was completely new

You can operate Samsung functions and other applications remotely, which can control the air by pressing the air in the pen or the button set inside it. The battery lasts for about twelve hours. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

Thanks to the elaborate technique of elephants, manuscripts or painting have never been one of my greatest talents, and digital pens have not liked me. It's good to have a solution and it's better for people who can use them. But I did not like it without being aware of it. Not yet.

Something has happened in the past generations. With the Samsung remote control and Bluetooth enabled, the pad started to make something different.

This surprising metamorphosis will continue in the Galaxy Note 10. Now there is a pen battery. There was a short-term capacitor of the previous generation, which worked several hundred times on the pen button, and the new one would last for 12 hours.

Samsung will also read your gestures when adding a gyro and an accelerometer to the pen and swirling in the air. To zoom in or out of the camera, click the button and place it in a circle.

The software you already have in the pen has a number of standard functions, and you can adjust the functionality of the applications you've installed to make even better. For example, you can give the features you want in Spotify – play, pause, and rewind for music players, even if the volume is pre-selected.

New features of the pen

If you use Dex to display PowerPoint presentations on a large meeting room's large screen, you can use this pen to apply the presentation as a previous one. You do not have to get a laptop or logitech remotely … Do you want to stay? What are they actually called right now? Anyway.

Samsung is in the process of creating a self-made S-pen with Galaxy Note. Now you do not have to enjoy your pen or enjoy handwriting with this mobile episode.

With the beginning of a stagnation among mobile phone manufacturers, S-Pen has truly become a unique feature that distinguishes notes from other mobile phones.

Galaxy Note 10 looks like this when you move from manuscript to text, from email to text on Word documents. It's magical that the doodles curve understands. Pen is the most important tool for people with disabilities today, like many years ago. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

Magical recognition of the pin

These webs are listed in Note 10 above. Read what's written here? On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

Where S is a handwriting source for pleasure; You do not have to write manually to write with him.

Write down with your own scabbard, and your phone clearly explains the lines. Sometimes it starts like magic – it's magic that my former teachers and teachers struggled to master. A quick reminder in the Notification is a quick Word document or an email.

You need to turn on the Samsung keyboard to recognize the manuscript is not easy. Due to the fact that the print window suddenly diminishes, the handwriting begins to deteriorate or the two programs are different from the "read engine", I do not know. But this is the latest of the intestine and the Samsung keyboard sooner or later will be with the upgrade note panel.

Samsung is always as good as the top model. Something typical of Korean ones is that it gradually slipped away. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

As usual; sky screen

If you know the best Samsung models, you can cancel it before. Not surprisingly, Samsung's OLED displays are used in both their own and others' top models. Do you have an iPhone X or X? If so, this is what you get from Samsung.

The notebook screen is very bright and color is awesome. The HDR is supported, and in the Samsung format, this Stranger Things looks like a bright screen while children are hunting for monsters. As it's the case, it's not just the image of the flashlight.

This makes movie watching good. Of course, the big screen will help.

Another pleasant thing is the on-screen stereo speakers. They make great sound for your mobile phone's speakers, and you can stay in the living room with Netflix without a headset or Bluetooth speakers.

Talking about Samsung's best model, the bright and excellent HDR display will be added to the package. It's fun to see movies, Youtube clips and photos on the Note 10 Plus screen. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

Rinse the accessories a little

USB-C headphone is calibrated. You also switch from Micro-USB to USB-C to use the old charging / data cables. You can switch between USB-C and USB-A memory sticks and hard disks. But even if the phone supports 45 watts, the charger comes with only 25 watts. It would be great if Samsung had allowed the connection to the headphone, as it was not the first phone. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

Here's a little wormwood on the boat; Do you know that Samsung proudly announces earphones every year since Apple took it? And now he's gone too. To use headphones with Galaxy Note 10, you must work wirelessly and use a USB-C headset or switch.

It does not come with a mini-jack in the box. But at least you get a set of well-eared ears with AKG logo.

Talking about things that are not covered; Note: 10 phones support up to 45 watts of charging, but Samsung has installed a 25-watt high-speed charger. This is a bit higher than before, but you do not feel inconvenient and worried without adding a full charger that costs over 11,000 cron.

According to Galaxy Note 10, Samsung may also have a quick charger and a small box in the box. The latter is because this is the first phone without a socket out of the manufacturer and may surprise Samsung's loyal customers from the box.

It should be borne in mind that the Note 10 Plus has its long battery life, despite the speed of charging. As practice has shown, Samsung phones have been able to use more power for a short period of time without explanation. But note 10 is quite stable in this regard. I did not notice that during the test it was very thirsty. But new software is always released soon after the start of the sales, and we have noticed earlier that such characteristics have changed.

It's good to use, but it's a little confusing

From the point of view of use, Galaxy Note 10 is equipped with Samsung's OneUI menus, which means they are logically built and fit well with large screens. Most of the content is scrolled down the screen, so you do not need to extend the thumb to the joints.

This is one of the best Android reader products available on any market today.

One area that Samsung still has to work in the future is all ads. Samsung or Google does not have a lot to do with it – this is mainly Microsoft's OneDrive app. Thus, the new Samsung phones are blamed exclusively for Samsung.

OneUI is a great way to set up a great set of menu options. It's easy to get started after you've started, but you have many alerts before it shows up. Here's how to navigate; touch the screen buttons or sliders. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

Bixby has not been completely removed – sometimes with irritating remarks. But you do not have a button that stumbles at least. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

It always announces to you for Galaxy Note. This will call you from the top menu, depending on whether you have activated one service the next time, whether it's a mobile track or a theme store. You want to know how Bixby can still be used in the camera program. The "Safe Wi-Fi" feature wants you to know it, as well as Samsung Cloud and OneDrive. Also, information bubbles are displayed about how to use it around the menu.

You can say that in most cases only one of the things you will encounter is right. But with many notes and info bubbles, getting a new Galaxy Note tires out. This does not mean that many notes are complicated. For example, when you raise your head in the Bixby camera application, you must approve the terms before you start, and you may also need to upgrade the program. Of course, this is not in the Google Play store, but in the Galaxy Store – so you should go well with it before you actually take a picture.

These types of Samsung OneUI anno 2019 lasers make you angry, so they can end.

Performance of the cop

Samsung's own Exynos processor works with the phone, and many rumors mean that everything works faster and you can not wait for the 10 Plus warning. It's unusual for the Note models to have another processor than the previous Galaxy S, but this time. But from the point of view of performance, graphics performance will have a considerable slope, and the place where the Galaxy S10 is a pure processor product.

This is a very powerful room and despite having a phone that can handle applications for several years. Also, in 2019 there is no need to pay more for mobile productivity than before. For example, pay attention to the affordable Asus Zenfone 6, which costs $ 5,000 – about half of the Galaxy Note 10 models.

Powerful enhanced camera application

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera is relatively small compared to the Galaxy S10 Plus. It's a usual wide-angle camera, an ultra wide-angle camera, and a camera that lets you zoom in to 2x. The latter is better, so it works in low light.

Plus, the Plus Plus version also has a so-called "Flight Tracker" that can be used for faster and better orientation, as well as for sensors like portrait functions and advanced reality.

In fact, in my opinion, the biggest improvement here was for some time on the Galaxy S10; Night mode. Currently, Samsung phones Huawei phones can do bad things for years – keeps the phone in your hands for a long time. This means a great deal of lack of them.

Samsung always maintains the right exposure in difficult situations, and also the Galaxy Note 10 is good. It's rare that it's too dark or too big to take pictures. It usually flashes and serves the best videos.

In the camera scaling section, the glass improves and night mode – it has been in the Galaxy S10 for a while. On the picture: Finnish Jarle Kvalheim, Mon.

There is no "everything", but …

Huawei has been selling mobile phones for some time in the camera, so they have other advantages. The Samsung Note 10 features two things, such as the P30 Pro, which are incomplete. One is a powerful scalability. Ultimately, 2x scaling is one thing, but it does not help much – The Huawei 5x version draws me closer to my goal of not having missed P30 Pro when it's out of the pocket. Note 10 does not have anything else to focus on ultraviolet.

This does not work like a Macro Camera like Huawei – you can take a few shades of shaver on your Chinese phone. So, here are some drawbacks in the Chinese rival, but none of them seem to be the same as the night regime. Therefore, the overall effect on the camera is very good.

It should be borne in mind that for the selfi lions, the front camera is often painted with palette and sharp images. It is very interesting that the movie allows you to draw your picture and doodles movements, but maybe it's gymmik.

Қаламмен камераның қашықтан басқару пульті де үлкен артықшылық болып табылады, егер сіз телефонды бірдеңе қолдап, қараңғыда өзін-өзі портреттер немесе ұзақ экспозиция суреттерін түсірсеңіз.


Суретте: Фин Джарле Квалхайм, Тек.но

Бастапқыда сіз Galaxy Note-ті сатып алдыңыз, өйткені бұл Samsung-тың ең алғашқы әні еді. Кейбіреулер оны қаламның арқасында сатып алды, бірақ көпшілігі S-қаламды пайдаланбай нотаны қолданды. Ол біртіндеп бастапқы нүкте ретінде Galaxy Note сатып алудың аз нүктесіне айналды. Galaxy S10 ұқсас болғаны соншалық, егер ол тек техникалық сипаттамаларға қатысты болса, оны сатып алатын майға жақын. Сіз S10 Plus-пен Note 10 Plus-қа қарағанда әлдеқайда арзанырақ кете аласыз.

Сондықтан Galaxy Note-тың бұрынғыдан да жақсы болып көрінетіні таңқаларлық. Бұл гигагерц, биттер мен байттар туралы емес – мұнда бәрі көп. Бұл Samsung – ешкіммен бәсекелесе алмайтын, ерекшелігі қаншалықты үлкен болса да, бірегей телефонды құру туралы.

Қаламның жақсы екендігі соншалық, мен сияқты маргиналды түрдегі баспа машинкалары да оны жазу үшін қолдана алады. Жиналыс бөлмесіндегі 10-ескертуде сіздің ауыр ДК үшін қосымша ақы төлеу мүмкіндігі бар және презентацияны үлкен экранда жақсы көрсете аласыз.

Тек қиял мен қолданбаны жасаушылар қозғалысқа сезімтал S-қаламның мүмкіндіктерінен көбірек шектеулер қояды.

Соңғы бір жыл ішінде көптеген ұялы телефондар алдыңғы камера саңылаулары қайда болатыны туралы болды. Galaxy Note үшін бұл маңызды емес. Басқа телефондар мұны істей алмайды.

Дегенмен, мен Huawei-дің телефондарынан бірнеше камера мүмкіндіктерін алғым келеді, бірақ бұл жерде де Samsung ең маңызды тесікті жапты. Міне, содан кейін ештеңе қалмады, бірақ жақсы жарылды.

… және басқа үлкен экрандық телефондарға нұсқау беру үшін:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Тек телефонның өзі ме?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Егер сіз қаламмен сурет салғыңыз немесе жазғыңыз келмесе, сондай-ақ қашықтан басқару функцияларын қажет етпесеңіз, онда сіз Galaxy S10 Plus-қа барып, бірнеше мың долларды үнемдей аласыз. Өнімділік тұрғысынан телефондар арасында аз ғана айырмашылықтар бар және Note 10 бағдарламалық жасақтамасындағы түнгі режимді Galaxy S10-тің соңғы жаңартуларынан да табуға болады. Сондай-ақ, ол үлкен батарея, сымсыз зарядтау және достарды зарядтау, керемет дисплей және керемет мәзірлермен жабдықталған. Егер бұл сіз үшін маңызды болса, сіз оны бүгін 10-ескертпеден гөрі көптеген түс нұсқаларында таба аласыз.

Huawei P30 Pro

Үздік фотокамера

Huawei P30 Pro

Samsung бейнені жақсырақ көреді, ал қалған бөлігінде Huawei жетекшілерінің көп бөлігі жиналды. Бірақ егер сіз Samsung-қа қарағанда жеңіл емес масштабтауды, макро функцияны және түнгі режимді қаласаңыз, онда Huawei-дің қыр-сыры бар. P30 Pro – бұл әлі күнге дейін фантастикалық телефон, оның үлкен батареясы бар және найзағай жылдам беріледі. Осы күзде телефон Android 10 жүйесіне жаңарады, ал АҚШ пен Қытайға қатысты белгісіздік осы жоғарғы модельді едәуір жойды. Мұнда, сіз ескерту 10-ға қарағанда көбірек тұрақты түстердің өзгеруін аласыз.

OnePlus 7 Pro (8 ГБ жедел жады) 256 ГБ

Болашақ мобильді телефон?

OnePlus 7 Pro (8 ГБ жедел жады) 256 ГБ

Егер сіз экрандағы тесіктері жоқ және көптеген жаңа технологиялары бар экранды қаласаңыз, OnePlus 7 Pro керемет опция бола алады. Мұнда сізге 90 герц жылдамдығы бар фантастикалық OLED экраны ұсынылады – бұл қарауға және қолдануға өте ыңғайлы жібектей тегіс кескін. Алдыңғы камера кішкене таяқшаға жасырылған, ол сізге қажет кезде пайда болады. Әрқашан OnePlus-та болғандай, жоғары өнімділік формуланың маңызды бөлігі болып табылады. Сіз сертификатталмаған гидроизоляция немесе сымсыз зарядтауды ала алмайсыз. Әрине, бұл жерде қалам / қашықтан басқару мүмкіндігі де жоқ.

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