Friday , February 3 2023

The best boxer in Fensburg Jendal


Magnus Jendal and three other Norwegian Handball teams have a great success with the team of Flensburg-Handewitt. On Monday, the 13th straight victory took place.

Jendal was the best scorer for the six goals scored – all at the age of 27 – 20 at the age of 20, when Rhine Nekkar defeated Leven.

During the break, 14-14 points were scored, but the goalkeeper of Sweden's Jim Gottfridzone was only 16-15 minutes ahead of Flsburg before 6300 spectators.

Györ Johannesen won 26 points in 26 points, winning three points from Forsby's team. The nearest Magdeburg and Kiel played 24 points, rather than Fensbourg, in one match. Rhein-Neckar Leuven is on the 4th floor.

Goalkeeper Thorbjorn Bergerud played for Flanders in eleven minutes of the match. Magnus Abelwick did not have any hosts.

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