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The woman (50) was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison for her husband's murder


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During a festive trip to the country in 2011, she was acquainted with her husband's husband (37). They were girls and married next year.

According to the decision of the Oslo District Court, when the bridegroom arrived in Norway, he quickly started the Norwegian route. She had a stable job at the bakery. He also worked extra.

Relationships between convicted and her 12-year-old husband were characterized by many conflicts and sometimes high levels of conflict. The majority of the discussions were due to the fact that the husband was not economically affected after the defendant's views. Some of the discussions are alcoholic consumption, which is the verdict of a district court.

Defendants say that the court has been subjected to torture by her husband. A 50-year-old man applied for a divorce two times, but two applications were canceled.

15 minutes before you come home and kill him

The man was killed the same night, the victim came home 15 minutes ago, stabbed his chest and dining table with a knife. This situation occurred after discussions with couples.

The accident caused the husband's wife to drink alcohol. Because of having a clear plan to buy a house in Gambia, it has become a trading economy.

At the end of adolescence, the son of the accused called the ambulance service a robbery attack. He also had a second son's residence.

A few minutes later the ambulance and the doctor arrived here. They soon realized that they could not save their lives.

I think this is a necessity

At the Oslo District Court, she announced that she was in need of a job. So he had to stop work.

The judge can sue a couple of episodes in which the husband is beaten and threatened. According to the court decision, all the reports of the woman are not reliable.

«NN glass breaks, as well as the accused have never thrown objects or destroyed them. Particularly, according to the child's explanation, the defendant has thrown objects, and for some reason, the glass container has broken the TV, "he says.

Some elements in the interpretation of the accused still support the evidence.

Commenting on the "knife episode" in 2014, Rasmussen's testimony is confirmed by the comment. However, the episode seems to be dubious, whether it's scary or not. "

The son was a witness

According to the woman, not only kill her husband and kill her. According to the story of the 50-year-old, he was threatened and threatened. She must have frightened her when she grabbed her.

The court finds the defendant's explanation unreliable. He answered another question about the course of events. However, important things explain that children are different from their mothers.

According to one son, the victim tried to calm down the accused. He saw that the distance between the grandmothers was about one meter and that when he grabbed a 37-year-old child, he had a knife in his hand. He grabbed his hand first with a knife and his blade turned upside down.

The boy returned to his room to get the phone to call the police when he heard the 37-year-old cries out loud. He called for an emergency ambulance.

The boy runs to the hotel and is on his throat. The defendant said at the trial that "you are not with me, but you will see what is going on".

200 thousand people are resurrected

In the strictest sense, the court decided that she was her partner – she killed her husband in her home. One of the dead has been executed somewhere nearby where he feels safe.

In addition to a penalty of 13.5 years, a mother of a woman pays her 200,000 tenge.

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