Tuesday , June 6 2023

There's something in the propeller, but I still do not know


On Thursday evening, "MS Fløyfjell" had to start at very low speeds from Tromsø to Harstad after getting something in the propeller. On Friday morning, Troms County General Manager Kurt Bones said he had not yet received any information about what had happened except for the propeller's destruction.

"As soon as they know," they promised us information, "says Bones Folkebladet.

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Like normal

As a result of the situation, reservoirs were placed at Harstad-Finnsharnok-Tromsø 2 at Harstad at 05.55 and 08.00 and Tromsø 13.45, resulting in lower capacity. However, in the evening sessions, MS Sollifjell is in place so it becomes normal capacity.

– Where's the "MS Fløyfjell" now?
"You're still in Harstad, as far as we can," says Bones.

It happened earlier

This does not cause immediate challenges in line 2 if "MS Fløyfjell" does not work for a while.

"We need to have two ships to handle route production, so" MS Sollifjell "and" MS Kistefjell "are our mountain. The third vessel is a spare vessel. When we talk to Boreal about what has happened, we will also deal with how to be ready if "MS Fløyfjell" is to be repaired.

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This is not the first time that propeller problems occur on speedboats running on Line 2.

"No, there was a time, even in the spring, when the propellers had problems with wear and tear.

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