Friday , October 7 2022

Three people were wounded in the battle at the Sandstone


Three people were injured, but consciously collided with Sandts in the nighttime when taxi and passenger transport collided. The causes and causes are unknown.

Police reported the incident on the road to 3.37 on Rogaland's Sundance center. According to police, the passenger's car collided with a taxi and hit a taxi. In passenger cars, drivers were only sitting in a taxi and a passenger.

– All three were injured and were firstly taken care of by healthcare workers. The amount of damage is currently unknown. There is considerable material damage and high speed suspicion, "says Victor Jensen, Operations Manager, South West Police Station.

Traffic incident occurred at the intersection of Girvere / Saint. The oval gate, next to the city hall. Firefighting service also helped. Three wounded were immediately taken to hospital in Stavanger University.

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