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TUI , aviation – TUIfly puts a base in Norway


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The TUIfly airline's 33 cabin crew confirms their job loss. At the same time, according to the trade union, 20 pilots were injured in Gordermenen.

The world's largest travel agent, TUI charter airlines, will set up its base in Oslo.

The decision is made after several months of negotiations with the staff. In Norway, the giant star, Star Tour, confirms the closure of Nettavisen.

"An agreement on the deployment of a base in Oslo. It will affect 33 employees, but one of them will work in Arlan this winter, says NUA Aspengren, TUI communications manager Nettavisen.

Nora Aspengren, TUI Communications Officer.


They hit the pilots

After 33 people working as a crew, according to the Union of Pilots, about 20 pilots were lost in the base in Oslo. In addition, another 40 pilots will lose their jobs in Malmo and Helsinki.

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"It's a great blow to our members. Many people have been working for decades. The ten-year-old pilots are now unemployed, says Martin T. Lindgren, chairman of the Swedish pilot association Nettavisen, all TUI pilots.

He pointed out that about 20 of these 20 pilots had the opportunity to work through the TUIfly base in Stockholm or Gothenburg.

"This is not a lover, as these pilots have a life and a family in Oslo," says Lindgren.

Although the company will base the base in Oslo, travel arrangements will continue through partners. Responsibility for short-term network is only accepted by the Dutch Norwegian company Jet Time and charter flights.


Aspengren, on the other hand, says the condition of the pilots has not been fully clarified yet.

"The negotiations with the pilots continue and are a full process," Aspengren said.

Lindgren notes that their decision was taken long time ago.

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"The TUI seemed to have decided not to talk to us, and then agreed how it would be. We did not realize that this decision was able to change, "Lindgre said.

He believes that the pilot market in Europe is currently very good, and many companies like Ryanair and SAS are trying to get enough people.

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"The labor market is quite good for pilots, especially for experienced pilots, so many will soon have a new employer," says Lindgren.

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Sets the current dialog

Aspengren, on the other hand, is confident that he has good relations with staff.

– Several people have been employed. It's a great joy, TUI Communications Manager says.

"The trade unions think that the decision to give the bases was made before they started a dialogue with them. What do you think of it?

– I do not want to comment. We have noticed that we have good relations with trade unions, "says Aspengren.

– Did you open negotiations in Oslo?

"I do not want to comment," says Aspengren.

The TUI has also suggested placing bases in Malmö and Helsinki, as well as the Parat trade union. This means that 150 ships from TUIfly will lose their jobs on three basis basis.

The TUI statement did not make any final decisions on the Malmo and Helsinki bases.

"The dialogue is still going on," says Aspenberg.

TUI Norway was created in 1973 under the name Star Tour and offers packet excursions, flights and cruises, such as Canary Islands, Greece and Italy. TUI Norway is part of TUI Nordic, which includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, TUI airline Nordic, Nazar and Wonder Cruises.

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